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11-5  Physical - Oceanography

Since light passes through water, why can’t you see to the bottom of a very deep clear pool?  Do you think the ocean floor contains any living things?


11-6  Earth - Environment

Acid rain is a pollution problem that has grown worse in the last 30 years.  How does the automobile contribute to this problem?


11-7  Life – Circulatory System

Look at this bold chart.  Which blood type can be used as a donor for any other type?  Which blood type can receive blood from any type?

            Donor                                               Patient

            AB                                          AB

            A                                             AB   A

            B                                             AB   B

            O                                             AB   A   B   O


11-8  Physical - -Physics

How does a Styrofoam cooler keep food cold?




11-5  As light passes through water, the water absorbs some of the light.  As water gets deeper, more light is absorbed.  The deepest parts of a large body of water are completely dark.  About 150 years ago, scientists discovered that the ocean floor teems with life, however little is known about these deep-sea life forms.  For centuries it was believed that the lack of light and pressure of the water made life on the floor of the deep impossible.


11-6  The automobile burns oil and gas for energy.  The burning of these fuels releases sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the air.  Acid rain forms when water vapor in the air reacts with chemical compounds such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from fuel combustion. These acids react with water to form harmful substances, sulfuric and nitric acids.  Any one rain fall may contain only a small amount of theses acids, but over time they accumulate, polluting lakes and rivers and killing fish and other marine life.


11-7  Type O blood is acceptable to anyone, no matter what their blood type.  Type AB blood can receive any of the 4 blood types.  But it is best to receive the same type of blood that is in your body.


11-8  The Styrofoam, with its trapped bubbles of air, acts as an insulator, or barrier, keeping the molecules of hot air outside the container from hitting the molecules of cold food inside the container.  Another good insulator is the borosilicate of a thermos bottle, which keeps liquids hot or cold by preventing heat from passing in or out of the bottle.  Some poor insulators are porous materials like paper, pine and other soft woods, and cotton cloth.

DSWO WEEK 13 2016

11-12  Life - Nutrition - predicting

What is the most widely eaten food in the world?

11-13  Life - Biology - inferring

Why do ants gather on the sidewalks?

11-14  Physical - Chemistry - cause/effect

Why does a brown paper bag holding potato chips become discolored and soggy over time?


11-12  Grains, such as wheat, corn, and rice, are the main kind of food eaten by humans and domesticated animals throughout the world.  Theses grains can be eaten whole or ground to make flour for bread, tortillas, or noodles.  Grains are rich sources of carbohydrates and contain protein and natural oils.  They can be stored for long periods of time.  Wheat, rice and corn are among the oldest cultivated plants.  Today, half the world's croplands are used to raise grains.

11-13  1.  Some ants like to nest under rocks and other hard surfaces.

          2.  People often drop food on sidewalks, and that attracts ants.

          3.  Ants use chemical signals to attract one another and their chemical trails are easily detected by other ants


         4.  Sidewalks absorb heat from the sun and ants like the warmth.

         5.  Ants are everywhere. The are more easily seen on sidewalks.

11-14  The fat in potato chips separates from the starch in the chips and is absorbed by the paper.







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10-29  Life – Biology – classifying

 Name something that is neither living nor nonliving?


10-30  Life – Psychology – observing

How can someone tell when you are dreaming, and why is dream sleep important?


10-31  Earth – Astronomy – Measuring

How can looking at stars help astronomers estimate the age of the universe?






10-29  Viruses consist of packages of protein surrounding genetic material that is neither living nor nonliving.  Viruses do not grow, but they can reproduce by using cells in the bodies of human beings or other creatures to make copies of themselves.  When a virus infects cells n your nose or throat, we can say it becomes alive.  When viruses are taken out of contact with living cells, they are lifeless chemicals.


10-30  When you are dreaming, your eyes move back and forth under the eyelids.  This dream sleep is called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.  REM sleep seems to be a very key period of sleep.  In controlled experiments, scientists have deprived people of REM sleep by waking them every time their eyes began to move under the eyelids.  Extreme anxiety results when people are deprived of REM sleep.

10-31  Because it takes time for light to travel, an astronomer looking  at the stars is actually looking into the past.  The most powerful telescopes detect galaxies at least 10 billion light-years away.  This means that the universe must be at least 10 billion years old, since that is how long ago light began traveling to us from those galaxies.  Most astronomers estimate that the universe is 15 to 20 billion years old.