St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

DSWO WEEK 30 2015




4 - 8  Physical – Meteorology – cause and effect


In cold weather the edges of a lake freeze before the middle does, but in warm weather the edges of a lake thaw first.  Why?



4 -9  Life – Psychology – predicting


Jane likes to study for a big test by “cramming” the night before.  Joaquin prefers to spend a little time studying every evening during the week before the test.  Who do you think has the better method, and why?




4 - 8  The land does not hold heat and cold as well as water does.  When cold air comes in, heat is transferred from the ground to the air more quickly than from the water to the air.  The water next to the shore loses its heat to the cooled earth.  Likewise, when warm air comes in, heat is transferred to the ground more quickly than to the water.  The ice near the shore is warmed by the heated earth and begins to melt.


4 -9  Joaquin’s method will more likely produce a higher test grade.  Psychologists have found that the best way to learn something is to study it repeatedly.  They have also found that it is important to study actively.  Instead of just reading the information, try reading it out loud and restating it in your own words.  Rehearse the information as often as possible, and form associations with things you already know.  One way to retain ideas is by linking the information to pictures in your mind.  The best time to study is shortly before going to sleep.