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5-14  Physical – Matter -  inferring

Nuclear Fusion is the process that creates the energy and light of the sun.  What do you think happens when fusion occurs?


5-15  Life – Sun and Plants – comp/cont.

Algae are one-celled plants that live in the ocean.  Mosses are plants that live on land in damp or shaded areas.  Which plant existed first?  Provide evidence for your answer.


5-16  Earth – Earth’s Crust – inferring

Glaciers can move despite their tremendous weight.  How do they move?




5-14  The intense heat of the sun causes atoms of lighter elements, such a hydrogen, to join together to form atoms of heavier elements, such as helium.  During this process of fusion, or joining together, some of the matter is changed into energy.


5-15  Algae are simple organisms that live in water, so algae were the first plants.  They have been living in the ocean for more than 3.5 billion years.  Mosses were the first plants to live on land, although they can live only on moist land.  They have lived on land for approximately 380 million years.  The first land plants with actual leaves, roots, and stems were club mosses and horsetails.  After them came ferns.


5-16  Glaciers slide downslope because of the pull of gravity.  The ice on the surface of the glacier creates pressure on the ice deep within, causing the ice crystals to glide over one another.  This cause the glaciers to move.  Some parts of the glaciers move faster than other parts do.  The center of the glacier moves more rapidly than the sides.