St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

May 14 - 18

Mon.  Balance Equations

Tues.  Chemical Reactions

Wed.  Work on equations and reactions.

Thurs.  Finish and check work and review for test.  Digestion packs day.

Fri. Test

Periodic Table Study Guide

 Periodic Table Study Guide

1.    Know how to draw an atom model.  Understand atomic number, atomic mass, and rules on energy levels.

2.    Know the names of the 2 men who are given credit for creating the periodic table.

3.    Know the phases of matter of the elements on the periodic table.  In general, not specific for each element.

4.    Know the metals that are liquid at room temperature.

5.    Know the significance of the zigzag line and other details given in your notes.

6.    Know the names, per your notes, of the groups on the table.