St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

1A Weekly News 11/12 - 11/16

 -Spirit Dress: Friday 11/16

-Thanksgiving Break: Monday 11/19 - Friday 11/23



-We Believe: none this week

-Virtue: Friendship and Courtesy

-St. Martin De Porres 11/3   St. Frances Xavier Cabrini 11/13   

-Old Testament Bible Stories: none this week

-Rosary book: 2nd Joyful Mystery - The Visitation

-Please practice the Glory Be prayer. Your child will be tested this week. Please begin working on the Grace Before Meals prayer. 


Language Arts               Reading Street Tests (click here)

Reading Street: Unit 2 - Week 3: Who Works Here                          Spelling Test: Friday 11/16           

Comprehension: author's purpose

Amazing Words: citizen, community, law, leader, headquarters, branch, patrol, earn

High-Frequency Words: live, out, people, who, work (study) 

Spelling Words:  like, time, dime, kite, ride, white, hide, smile, bike, ice, who, work  

Spelling City (click here)

Phonics:  long i and i-e; consonant digraphs wh, ch, tch, ph 

Writing and Conventions: special titles

Speaking and Listening: give announcements

AR Book Finder (click here) 



Chapter 3: Addition Strategies to 20

Vocabulary: addends, count on, doubles, doubles plus 1, doubles minus 1, number line (review)

-Lesson 4: use doubles to add

-Lesson 5: use near doubles to add

-Check My Progress

-Lesson 6: Problem Solving: Act It Out

Please work on memorizing math facts (3 seconds): +1 and +2, doubles and sums of 10, +3 and +4, +5 and +6


Social Science/Science

-Mystery Science video: Why do leaves change color in the fall?

-Communities: rules and laws; urban, suburban, rural

-Veteran's Day

-Scholastic News: Who Are Veterans?


-Scholastic News: Join the Feast!