St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

April 2019 Music Notes

7th General Music will be working on activities from "The Lion King Experience," which is a curriculum designed to introduce students to a wide range of theatrical skills. These activities are in anticipation of SEAS Select's performances of The Lion King JR on Thursday 4/25 at 7pm, and Sunday 4/28 at 3pm. Be sure to come out and support these students who have worked so hard!! Seventh grade students will also have the opportunity to watch a morning matinee of the show on Tuesday 4/23.
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Liturgy Committee: Schedules can be found posted in classrooms, and in the "Documents" section on my web page. Thank you for your stewardship!

March 2019 Music Notes

7th General Music: We will be doing a unit on "The Anatomy of a Song," and will be working on a hymn composition project that will tie in with the Lenten liturgical season.


LITURGY COMMITTEE: Monthly schedules can be found to the left, under "documents," and are also posted in all homerooms, and outside the Music Rooms in the basement as well. Thank you for your stewardship!

February Music Notes

7th General Music: We have finished up our unit on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and enjoyed seeing Bishop Carroll Theatre Department's fantastic live performance! We will be working on a unit on the history and importance of our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, this month.

Liturgy Committee: February and March schedules can be found under my "documents". If you are unable to fulfill your duties, please find a sub. Ministry lists can be found in the basement outside the music rooms. Thank you for your stewardship!!

January 2019 Music Notes

7th General Music: This month we are working on our hymn/Scripture projects. Students will choose a favorite hymn, read the Scripture passage from which it was taken, and design a poster for this hymn using lyrics, Scripture, and a piece of religious art. When we wrap up this project, we will be reading the story of Joseph from the Old Testament and watching the musical, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" in anticipation of the students' field trip to watch Bishop Carroll's performance of "Joseph" in early February.

Liturgy Committee: Updated monthly schedules can now be found by clicking on the "documents" section to the left. If you are unable to fulfill your assigned duty, please find a sub. See Mrs. DeGraffenreid with any questions or concerns!

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December 2018 Music Notes

7th GENERAL MUSIC: General music students will have the opportunity to support their classmates by watching the  SEAS Select/Concert Choir dress rehearsal on 12/6. We will be doing various Christmas related music activities in class this month.

LITURGY COMMITTEE: December and January schedules are now posted. Be sure to check these schedules before the break, and if you're an Adoration leader on 1/4/19 or a Mass reader on 1/3/19, make sure you get your script/readings from Mrs. D. before going on break. Thank you for your stewardship!

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November Music News

7th General Music: We are finishing up composer presentations, and will wrap up our Music History unit with a movie and activities about Beethoven and a Music History online scavenger hunt.

Liturgy Committee: Thank you to those who participated in the Living Rosary last month. I appreciate the dedication of our members. Schedules for Angelus, Adoration and Mass Reader duties can be found in homerooms, and in the hallway outside the music rooms in the basement. Students are responsible for finding subs if they are unable to fulfill their duties. Please contact me if you have any questions.

October 2018 Music Notes

SEVENTH GRADE...will be starting their writing project on Tuesday 10/2. This includes a five paragraph essay and a Google Slides presentation.  All instructions and information can be found in my Google Classroom, via their school Google login. Paper and electronic submissions of this project will be due on Tuesday 10/23 at the beginning of our class period. Adequate class-time will be given in the computer lab for this project, so there should be little to no homework. The writing project is worth 100 points, which is a large portion of the second 9-weeks grade. Please contact me if you have any further questions. 

LITURGY COMMITTEE...had a great turnout for lector training. Please make sure your child reads through the booklet given to them. Angelus and Mass Reader schedules are posted monthly in homerooms and in the basement hallway by the music rooms. It is the students' responsibility to check schedules and find subs as needed. 

Liturgy Committee Lector Training

Lector Training
Tuesday, September 18 – after school until 4:30 PM
Please meet in the Church immediately after school.
Leave your backpacks and phones in the Gathering Space over by the couches.

This training is required for all those who signed up as Mass Readers for Liturgy Committee.
Please contact Mrs. DeGraffenreid if you are unable to attend.

September 2018 Music Notes

Liturgy Committee: I've had 47 students sign up for liturgy committee. So wonderful! September Angelus and Thursday Reader schedules are currently posted in homerooms. It is the students' responsibility to check these schedules and fulfill their duties. If a student is unavailable, he/she is asked to get a sub from their particular ministry. Schedules, as well as a complete roster of ministries (for help finding subs), will also be posted each month outside the music rooms.

7th Grade General Music: We started the year off with a pre-test on musical knowledge and have currently been working on rhythm activities. We've been studying/reading/playing quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes. We did some drum circles and will be doing a few more rhythm games and activities (independent and group) in the coming week or two. After rhythm we'll jump in with melody and then move on to the writing project. A large part of the first 9-wks music grade will be based on classroom procedures (contributing to the positive learning environment of the classroom). If you have questions about your child's grade, you can check the comments section in PowerSchool, or feel to email me. 

Liturgy Committee 2018-2019

All seventh and eighth grader students are invited to participate in the SEAS Liturgy Committee, whose purpose is to support and further the Catholic identity of our school through prayer and the liturgy. Forms will be sent home the first full week of school and need to be returned to Mrs. DeGraffenreid by Tuesday, August 28. Forms can also be downloaded under my "documents" section. See below for more info on the roles of Liturgy Committee members.

·         MASS READERS: Lit committee students will read for the Thursday K-2 Masses. Schedule will be posted in Evans/DeGraffenreid classrooms and homeroom middle school classrooms. It is your responsibility to check the schedule and come to PRACTICE at 9:55 am the Tuesday before you read, and to report for Mass in the church around 7:50am on Thursdays. Two students will be assigned for each Mass, one will read the Entrance Antiphon and the Petitions; the other will read the reading(s) and responsorial psalm. I will give you copies of readings in advance of practice so you can practice on your own first.

·         ANGELUS LEADERS: Two students will report to the office (leave your classroom at 11:55) to lead the daily Angelus (or Regina Coeli during Easter season) over the intercom. Schedule will be posted in Evans and DeGraffenreid classrooms and homeroom middle school rooms.

·         ADORATION LEADERS: Follow a script to lead 30-minute Eucharistic Adoration on First Fridays for various classes. This will be done in pairs and I’ll give you the schedule and script to look over the week before.

·         Liturgy committee may have a few other special events (such as Living Rosary) and Masses throughout the year. These will be communicated as they come up.

Members may participate in as many or few of the above activities as they wish.

Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further questions.