St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

January 14th - 18th

Newsletter for January 14th - January 18th

Class pictures will be taken on Thursday, January 17th. If you would like to purchase a class picture please be sure to send your money by Thursday. Students wear their uniforms for this picture.

On Wednesday I will be in the building, but out of the classroom.  I will being administering mid-year DIBELS assessments.


Glory Be Prayer

Jesus Grew Up in Nazareth

Language Arts

Story - Then and Now

Genre: Nonfiction

Amazing Words:  gears, webcams, phonographs, headphones, handwritten, newspapers 

High Frequency Words:  they, you, of

Recognizing the letter and letter sound of the short Ee  (/e/ as in elephant)

Writing Sentences - (Beginning with a capital letter, spacing between words, using punctuation) 


Addition Facts (0-5)

Counting forward from a given number to 100

Social Studies

Martin Luther King Jr.

Kansas Symbols

Locating Kansas on a map

Personal and Social Skills

knowing birth date - month and day