St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Newsletter for Sept 17th - 21st

Newsletter for September 17th-21st

On Thursday we will have individual picture day.  Students do not have to wear uniforms.  

The 1st quarter will end on October 12th.  These are the skills to be assessed this quarter:
Sign of the Cross
Genuflecting correctly
Reverent and participates in Mass
Recognizes numbers 0-10
Matches numbers to objects 0-10
Writes numbers 0-10 without a model
Counts to 20
Recognizes letters Ll,Oo,Gg,Hh,Tt,Pp,Nn,Aa, and Mm
Recognizes phonetic sounds for the letters listed above
Writes first name correctly
Can recite phone number
Identifies role of the author
Able to answer simple questions about a story
Participates in class discussion
Recognizes opposites
Able to identify parts of a book:  front, back, spine, and title page

Activities for this Week:


God created Animals

Sign of the Cross prayer


Reverence and participation in Mass

Language Arts/Phonics:

Letter and Letter Sound of  Pp

Printing the Letter Tt

Color word :  blue

Story: Smash! Crash!

Genre: Fantasy

High-Frequency Words: a, to

Amazing Words: signals, proper, perfect, pirates, fabulous

Phonemic Awareness: initial sounds/ sound discrimination

Comprehension Skills: Character


Recognizing and Writing the numbers 0-10

Writing the numbers 0-10 without a model

Social Studies:

We will learn about the life of Johnny Appleseed


Insects - we will continue our insect unit this week

             we learned that insects have 3 body parts (head, thorax, and abdomen)

Apples - we will learn about the Life Cycle of an Apple tree


Logging on and Logging Off/Using the mouse 

Have a great week!!