St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

October 8th to 12th


Religion-  Mysteries of the Rosary.  Make a practice test with a partner.

Math- Grade pages from last week.  Estimate Products, pages 125- 130.

Science-  Changes in Earth's Surface, pages 365-367.  Read and do activities.


Tuesday- field trip to the zoo was cancelled due to weather

Religion- we prayed a rosary for Emeritus Bishop Eugene J. Gerber


Math- discussed pages 127, 128.  Do pages 129, 130.

Science- Fire prevention activities


Wednesday- Living Rosary

Religion- Mysteries of the Rosary test next Thursday, Oct. 18th

Math- Grade pages 129, 130.  Do pages 131-136.

Science- none



Religion- Mysteries of the Rosary test next Thursday, the 18th

Math- KITE Interim.  Grade pages 135, 136.  Do pages 137-142.

Science- read pages 368, 369


Friday-  End of Quarter 1,  12PM dismissal, teacher inservice

Religion-  Mysteries of the Rosary test next Thursday, the 18th.

Math- grade pages 141, 142.

Science-  5A  discuss pages 368, 369.

Market Day activities.


October 1st to 5th


Religion- Concluding Rites notes.  Quiz will be on Thursday.

Math-  5A Grade pages 103, 104.  5A and 5B: Do pages 105-108 in class, pages 109/110 for homework.

Science-  Pages 620-622



Religion- Concluding Rites, Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary

Math- 5A- grade pages 109, 110.  Begin pages 113-116.  Do pages 117, 118.

               5B- finish page 108.  Do pages 109, 110. 

Science- Do pages 623-626



Religion-  Mysteries of the Rosary.  Concluding Rites quiz tomorrow.

Math-  Pages 113-116.  Do pages 117, 118.

Science- Finish pages 623-626.



Religion-  Concluding Rites quiz.  Mysteries of the Rosary notes.


5B- finish pages 115, 116 and begin the next lesson.  5B homework:  Do pages 117/118, 123/124

5A- grade pages 117, 118.  Do pages 119-122 in class.  5A homework:  do pages 123, 124

Science- grade pages 623-626.  


Friday-  no school, teacher inservice



September 24th to 28th


Religion- Liturgy of the Eucharist test on Wednesday.  Page 155 done in class.

Math-  Prime factorization, pages 83, 84 in class.  Pages 85, 86 are homework if not finished in class. 

Science- Pages 608-612 in class.  Finish at home if not finished yet. 



Religion- Liturgy of the Eucharist, pages 156, 157.

Math-  5A will do the lesson tomorrow, Fr. Dugan visited the class today.  5B- Prime Factorization Patterns, pages 87-92.

Science- Grade pages 608-612.



Religion-- Liturgy of the Eucharist test

Math-  5B  Powers and Exponents, pages 93-98.  5A  Prime Factorization Patterns, pages 87-92.

Science-  5B- pages 613-615.  5A didn't get to. 



Religion-  Liturgy of the Eucharist, pages 158-161.

Math-   5A- grade pages 91, 92.  Do pages 93-98.   5B- grade pages 97-98.  Do pages 99-104

Science- 5A- ran out of time.  5B pages 616-619. 



Religion- Pages 162-164.

Math- 5A: grade pages 97, 98.  Do pages 99-104.  5B:  grade pages 103, 104.  Student conferences.

Science- 5A do pages 613-     .  5B- none


September 17th to 21st


Religion-  Liturgy of the Word practice

Math- Ch. 1 test tomorrow.  We discussed Problem Solving strategies, pages 63 and 64.

Science-  Tempering with Temperature, pages 602, 603



Religion-  5B  Liturgy of the Word practice

Math- Ch. 1 test, MAP assessment

Science- Adding it Up, pages 604, 605


Wednesday  Picture day is tomorrow

Religion- Liturgy of the Word, 

Math- MAP test

Science- Faster or Slower, pages 606, 607



Religion-  5A Liturgy of the Word practice test.  5B- Liturgy of the Eucharist notes.

Math- set up math notebook for Ch. 2.

Science- 5A- Read pages 606, 607.  5A and 5B- Begin pages 608-612 work in class. 



Religion- 5A- Liturgy of the Word test.  5B- Liturgy of the Eucharist notes.

Liturgy of the Eucharist        
front of card
back of card
1. Offertory
The gifts of water, wine, bread, and treasure are
taken to the altar.
2. Prayer Over the Gifts
Father extends his hands over the gifts that
were offered and prays. (bells ring)
3. Eucharistic Prayer
Consecration happens- when the bread and wine
become the body and blood of Christ.
4. Communion Rite
We prepare our bodies to receive Christ.
5. Lord's Prayer
We prepare our minds to receive Christ by asking
for forgiveness.
6. Rite of Peace
We show peace and forgiveness towards others.
7. Fraction Rite
Father breaks the host in pieces. He puts one
Agnus Dei
piece with the blood. The body and blood are
Lamb of God
together as one.
8. Communion
We sing a song or say an antiphon that matches
Antiphon (Song) the liturgy.      
9. Silent Prayer
After receiving Christ, we spend time with him in
silent prayer.


Math- Prime Factorization, pages 73-

Science- continue working on  pages 608-612 in class.


September 10th to 14th


Religion- On the Road to Emmaus, pages 146, 147.  Do activity on page 147.

Math- Place Value through Thousandths, pages 43-46

Science- Chemical experiment.  See me if you are absent.



Religion-  Read pages 148-150

Math-  Comparing Decimals, pages 49-54.  5A graded pages 47, 48.

Science-  Grade pages 591, 592.  Write details about Chemical Reaction experiment yesterday.



Religion-  Discuss September 11th

Math-  5B Grade pages 47, 48, 53, and 54.  5A grade pages 53, 54

Science-  How Does Matter Change?  pages 597-599



Religion-  Ch. 9 Review, pages 151, 152

Math-  Order Whole numbers and decimals, pages 55-60.

Science- Swelling and Shrinking, pages 600, 601

Matter Notes-  1) Temperature can change the state of a substance.  2)  Temperature is the measure of energy's motion.  3) Taking in energy in heating.  Temperature increases.  4)  Releasing energy is cooling.  Temperature decreases.


Religion-  Finish review.  Liturgy of the Word notes

Front of the Index card Back of the Index card    
Liturgy of the Word The second part of the Mass.    
First Reading From the    
  Old Testament,    
  OR Acts of the Apostles    
Responsorial Psalm We listen and respond    
Second Reading From the Epistles    
(Epistles are written by an apostle or sent under their authority)
Gospel Acclamation We sing or say Alleluia    
Gospel From    
  OR John    
Father speaks and relates the Gospel to our lives
Profession of Faith/Creed
"I believe in one God, the Father, almighty..."
Prayers of the Faithful
We offer up our prayers through the petitions.


Math- Grade pages 59, 60.  Problem Solving, pages 61-66.   Ch. 1 test will be on Tuesday

Science-  Tempering with Temperature, pages 602, 603


September 3rd to 7th

Monday-  No School

Tuesday - No School


Religion- 5B assigned Mass readers for September 11th and 12th.  Filled in notes for Introductory Rites on page 372 of the Religion book.  5A- Filled in notes for Introductory Rites on page 372 of the Religion book.  Read pages 144, 145.  

Math-  Rocket Math Mess- going through the Rocket Math sheet to make sure students are filling information in correctly.  Understand Place Value- work on pages 37-42. 

Science-  Properties of Solids, Liquids, and Gases.  Read and discuss pages 588, 589.  Make notes in composition notebook. 



Religion- Finish Bible activity on page 145.

Math-  Finish Place Value lesson, pages 37-42.

Science- Do page 590, using Science book and composition notebook. 


Friday- Adoration

Religion- Take notes in composition notebook- Scripture questions

Math- Grade pgs. 41, 42.   Begin Place Value through Thousandths, page 43

Science- Do pages 591, 592.  Use your book and notes. 


August 27th-31st

Monday  (Band orientation this week)

Religion-  Introductory Rites quiz.

Math- Turn pages 15, 16 in if you haven't already.  Compare and Order Whole Numbers, pages 17-20.  On page 19, do odds starting at #13 (13, 15, 17, 19).  On page 20, choose one hot problem

Science- Finish notes from Friday's experiment.


Tuesday   band orientation 5B

Religion- Finish Introductory Rites Notes

Math- Fractions and Decimals, pages 23-26 (do all)

Science- Matter notes


Wednesday  Band orientation 5A

Religion- Introductory Rites quiz.  Liturgy of the Word

Math- Turn in pages 25, 26.  Represent Decimals, pages 29-34.  Do only one hot problem.

Science- Properties of Matter notes


Thursday  Instrument try 5A and 5B

Religion-  Liturgy of the Word, read pages 141-143.  Do page 143.

Math- grade pages 31-34.  Do Check My Progress, pages 35, 36

Science- Finish Property of Matter notes


Friday 12PM dismissal

Math- Rocket math, two minute timing and grading.  Collecting rocket math sheets.   

August 20th-24th

Monday     Parent Walk Through on Tuesday night.  Meet in the church at 6:00.

Religion- Mass information.  Students wrote what they know about the Mass. 

Math- Rocket Math:  Quick Write.  Ch. 1 test was given to see what students know.

Science-Marshmallow Tower reflection.  Groups worked together to answer questions about how their tower did and how their group worked through the activity.


Tuesday   Parent Walk Through tonight.  Meet in the church at 6:00.

Religion- Mass Order

Math- Discuss rocket math goals and Ch. 1 test from yesterday.

Science- circle time

Other items- reviewed blue pages in the agenda



Religion- Mass Order- Introductory Rites activity

Math- Rocket Math.  Place Value, do pages 11-14 with a partner

Science- Matter:  Read and discuss pages 379-381



Religion- Mass Order- Introductory Rites discussion and notes.  Put the following notes in your Religion composition notebook.


Introductory Rites

1.  Entrance Antiphon/Song

        We either say an antiphon or sing a song to begin Mass.

Math- Finish pages 11-14 with your partner, do pages 15 and 16 alone

Science- Matter, pages 582-585, do activities.



Religion-  Mass Order- Introductory Rites discussion and notes.  Add the following to the notes from yesterday in your Religion composition notebook.

2.  Veneration of the Altar

        Father kisses the altar out of respect.

3.  Greeting

       Father greets the congregation.


Math- Class discussion of pages 11-16

Science-  Matter, pages 586, 587, do activities.


August 16th, 17th


Today we spent time getting to know each other and discussing a few procedures. 






Religion- 5A- started discussing the Mass.


Science- Marshmallow challenge


Mrs. Renee Thomas
5th Math/Science/Religion