St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Week of April 22




Tuesday, April 23

Review “The Lottery” packet

DM 7.1

WB 55, 56, 57 Part A ONLY

Wednesday, April 24

Test: “The Lottery”

DM 7.2

Vocab: Write the Correct Word & Word Maps

Thursday, April 25

Read “Charles”

DM 7.3 & 7.4

Root Day! “dict”

Friday, April 26

“Charles” packet activities 4, 6, & 9

DM 7.5 & 7.6

Vocab: Complete the Sentence

WB: 51-53 Part B

Week of April 15




Monday, April 15

“The Lottery”  -- Discuss story and first impressions.  HW: research for activity 11

“The 3 Little Pigs” – Writing in a variety of verb tenses

Tuesday, April 16

MAP Testing – Reading

Holy Week Writing Task (see documents tab for instructions)

Due April 23

Wednesday, April 17

MAP Testing – Reading


Homework over the break: finish activities 9, 13, & 15* in “The Lottery" packet

*activity 15 is extra credit – not required

Root Day!  “centr-“

Week of April 8-12




Monday, April 8

SWIFT Poetry Project – Prewrite

DM 6.1

Vocab: Finish the Thought & Derivatives

WB pg 54

Tuesday, April 9

SWIFT Poetry Project – Poster

DM 6.2

Vocab: Find the Example

Introduce Verb Tenses text pg 68

Wednesday, April 10

SWIFT Poetry Project – Finish and Present to class

DM 6.3

Fill in Verb Tense examples

ROOT DAY!! “circum”

Thursday, April 11

“The Lottery” Read and Annotate

DM 6.4

Vocab: Annuncios!

Text pg 69 Ex. 1 and 2

Friday, April 12

“The Lottery”

1.       First Reactions

2.       Comprehension Quiz

3.       Vocabulary: Implied Meanings

DM 6.5

Vocab: TEST!!

WS: Verb Tenses

Week of April 1 - April 5




Monday, April 1

“Umbrellaphant” Creative Poetry Assignment

DM 5.1

Vocab: Learn words + Write the Correct Word

Tuesday, April 2

“Jabberwocky” Read and digest

DM 5.2 & 5.3

Vocab: Complete the Sentence

Text pg 66  Introduction to Active and Passive Voice

Wednesday, April 3

“Jabberwocky” Discuss possible meanings

DM 5.4 & 5.5

Vocab: Write your own sentences

Text pg 66  Converting to and from Active Voice

Thursday, April 4

“Because I could Not Stop for Death” + Analyze poetry WS

DM 5.6 & 5.7

Root Day: “cycl”

HW: Active/Passive Voice WS

Friday, April 5

“The Power of a Dog”

Annotating a poem WS

DM 5.8

Vocab: Reading Comprehension

WS: Active/Passive Sentence Flip (see Documents Tab for worksheet)

Week of March 25




Mon, March 25

Lit 1: Assembly with POW, Mr. Ramirez

Lit 2 / 3: “Casey at the Bat” + worksheet

DM 4.1 & 4.2

Text p. 65, ex. 3

Vocab: Reading Comprehension

Tues, March 26

“Abuelito Who” + graphic organizer

DM 4.3 & 4.4


Vocab: Write the Derivative

Wed, March 27

“Annabel Lee” + graphic organizer

DM 4.5 & 4.6

Choose-your-level WS: transitive and intransitive verbs


Thurs, March 28

"Fireflies" + figurative language graphic organizer

DM 4.7

Root Day!

Vocab: Find the Example

Fri, March 29

Spirit Dress!!

Written response to this week's poems +

"Umbrellaphant" - Creative Writing task

DM 4.8

Vocab: Test

Week of March 18, 2019




Monday, March 18

Review poetry concepts and text pgs 554-560

DM 2.1

Introduce new vocab list (Test March 29)

Tuesday, March 19

KITE Reading Assessment

DM 2.2

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs (color by number)

Wednesday, March 20

KITE Reading Assessment

DM 2.3

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs WS

Vocab Complete the Sentence

Thursday, March 21

Finish poetry review notes (from Monday)

DM 2.4

Root Day!  “sci-“

Friday, March 22

Poetry by e.e.cummings

DM 2.5

Intro to Linking Verbs text pgs 64-65

Vocab Word Maps

Week of March 4




Monday, March 4

Finish Q3 Writing Task /

Test-taking strategies: word choice & revision questions

Sentence Types

Text p 160

Ex. 1

Tuesday, March 5


P/T Conferences PM only

Poetry Workshop

Text 554-556

Sentence Types

Text p 160

Ex. 3

Wednesday, March 6

Poetry Workshop

Text 557-559

Sentence Types

WS: Extra practice

Thursday, March 7

P/T Conferences AM & PM


Friday, March 8

No School 



No School

No School



No School

Week of February 25-March 1




Mon, February 25

Prep Day – Book Talks begin Tuesday!!

Comma Rules Flip Book

Tues, February 26

Book Talks

WB 145 Mixed Practice w/ Commas

Wed, February 27

Book Talks

Test: Commas

Intro to Semi-Colons/Colons

Thurs, February 28

Book Talks

Root Day – “ology”

Fri, March 1

Quarter 3 On-demand writing task

Semi-Colons/Colons WS 10.2

Week of February 18-22




Monday, Feb 18

No School – Presidents' Day


Tuesday, Feb 19

Literature Circles:

Read Day + Character/Conflict WS

Comma Rules 9 & 10 (GP)

Irregular Verbs pg. 29

Wednesday, Feb 20

Literature Circles:

Tracking Character Changes

Comma Rules 9 & 10 (IP)

Irregular Verbs pg. 30

Thursday, Feb 21

Literature Circles:

Plot Diagram for novel

Comma Rules 11 & 12 (GP)

Root Day!  “mem”

Friday, Feb 22


Group Discussion #3

Book talk expectations

Comma Rules 11 & 12 (IP)

Irregular Verbs pg. 31

Week of February 11-15




Mon, February 11

Lit. Circles – Reading Day

Mini-lesson: Character Traits

WB 25 & 99 “Test” over modifiers

Tues, February 12

Lit. Circles

Mini-lesson: Dialogue

Comma Rules 5 & 6

Finish modifiers test???    --OR—

Intro. to Verbs

Wed, February 13

Lit. Circles

Mini-lesson: Character motivation

Comma Rules 5 & 6 Practice Pgs

WB 45-46 Irregular Verbs

Thurs, February 14

Valentine Party @ 2:45

Spirit Dress Day

Interim Test #3 (Resched. from last week)

HW: Theme

Comma Rules 7 & 8

ROOT DAY!  “phon”

Fri, February 15

Group Meeting #2

Comma Rules 7 & 8 Practice Pgs

WS: Irregular Verbs

Week of February 4-8




Monday, Feb 4

Literature Circles: READ DAY


Commas: Rules 1-2 Instruction

Phrases as Modifiers WS pt 1

Tuesday, Feb 5

Literature Circles mini-lesson: Setting

Commas: Rules 1-2 Practice

Phrases as Modifiers WS pt 2

Wednesday, Feb 6

Literature Circles mini-lesson: Cause & Effect

Commas: Rules 3-4 Instruction

WB 25-26 “quiz” adjectives

Thursday, Feb 7

Literature Circles mini-lesson: Character Traits


KS Practice Assessment #3

Roots Day!


Friday, Feb 8

Literature Circles: MEETING DAY

Commas: Rules 3-4 Practice

WB 99-100 “quiz” adverbs

Week of January 28-February 1




Mon, January 28

Finish reading “The Last Dog”

[If you need to finish at home, use the PDF under the Documents tab]

Vocab: Write the Derivative & Complete the Thought

Text: finish pgs 93-96

Finish Roots “aqua”

Tues, January 29

Happy Kansas Day!

“The Last Dog”

Setting vs Plot

Vocab: Find the Example

WS: Troublesome Adverbs

Wed, January 30

“The Last Dog”

Character Study

Vocab: Annuncios

WB 97 – Adverb Phrases

Thurs, January 31

Literature Circle Book Preview/Vote +

Test over “The Last Dog”

Vocab: Back page of packet

ROOTS DAY! “vis / vid”

Fri, February 1

Introduction to Literature Circles!!

Vocab: TEST

Week of January 22-26




Monday, Jan 22

No School Today


Tuesday, Jan 23

Story Elements Test

New Vocab – Write the Correct Word

WB 89 – Types of Adverbs

Wednesday, Jan 24

Finish Story Elements Test

Vocab – Complete the sentence

WB 90, 92 – Interrogative, Comparative, and Superlative Adverbs

ROOT DAY!  “Aqua”

Thursday, Jan 25

Free Reading Day

WS: Types of Adverbs (extra practice)

Friday, Jan 26

Begin “The Last Dog”

Vocab – Reading Comprehension

Troublesome Adverbs:

Pg 93 (B)

Pg 94 ALL

Pg 95 Evens only

Pg 96 Evens only

Week of January 14-18




Monday, Jan 14

1.)    Discussion of “The Storyteller”

2.)    Packet pg. 21 & 24 – conflict

1.)    Text pg 28 #1-20 evens

2.)    WB 19-20 Comparative & Superlative Adj

3.)    Vocab: Write the Derivative

Tuesday, Jan 15

Packet pg 22-23 “The Boarder”

1.)    WB 21 Few/Little

2.)    Vocab: Find the Example

Wednesday, Jan 16

Packet pg 30-31 “The Knock”

Roots Day!  "Hydr--"

Thursday, Jan 17

Packet pg 36-37 – theme

Packet pg 39 – point of view

1.)    Vocab: Annuncios!

2.)    WB 23 Adjective Phrases

Friday, Jan 18

1.)    Writer’s Journal #2

2.)    Packet pg 40 – bias


1.)    Vocab Quiz

2.)    WS – Adjective Phrases

Week of January 7-11




Mon, January 7

Notes: Story Elements

New Vocab!  Do Word Maps and “Write the Correct Word” activity

Tues, January 8

Story Elements Packet – genre pgs 4-6

Vocab: Complete the Sentence

Color-by-Number: Parts of Speech review

Wed, January 9

Story Elements Packet – character pgs 7-9

Vocab: HOMEWORK – Write your own sentences on a piece of notebook paper

WB 15-16 EVENS Only! (Review basic adjectives)

Thurs, January 10

Story Elements Packet – character pgs 10-14

NEW!! Word Study Day – mar/mer word family

Fri, January 11

Story Elements Quiz #1

Story Elements Packet – setting pgs 15-17

HOMEWORK: Read "The Storyteller" and answer questions.

Vocab: Reading Comprehension activity

WB 17 (A) & 18 (B) (Types of adjectives)

Week of December 17-21

  Literature English
Mon, Dec 17

Mini-Lesson: Irony

PowerPoint and videos to define the three kinds of irony

Advent Reflection #3

Vocab Review Activity Lists 7-8

Tues, Dec 18

Practice finding and identifying irony in text 


WB 139-140 Final quiz over conjunctions
Wed, Dec 19

Yuletide Celebration


Week of December 10-14




Monday, Dec 10

Book Talks!

Advent Reflection: Week 2

Conjunctive Adverbs WS

Tuesday, Dec 11

Book Talks!

Finish Conj Adv WS and write sentences using Conj Adv

Wednesday, Dec 12

Book Talks!

Subordinate Conjunctions WS

Thursday, Dec 13

The Gift of the Magi – Final project

Vocab Review Activity

More Subordinate Conjunctions

Friday, Dec 14

The Gift of the Magi – Final project

Troublesome Conjunctions

Text 174 + WS

Week of December 3-7




Mon, Dec 3

This week has been a little crazy due to music rehearsals and music performances.  Here’s what we TRIED to accomplish…at one point or another:


Interim testing – this was round 2 of 3 for what I call “practice” tests.  The BIG GAME (aka State Assessments) will be here before we know it!


The Gift of the Magi – we finished reading and discussing the details of the story, took a quiz over the content, discussed themes of the story, and learned about the gifts of the REAL magi and why O.Henry might have named this story after them. 

Finish pronoun test / Advent writing activity

Vocab – Sentences

Tues, Dec 4

Finish Advent writing activity

Vocab – Reading Comprehension

Wed, Dec 5

Intro to Conjunctions

Vocab – Write the Derivative

Thurs, Dec 6

Coordinating Conjunctions WS

Vocab – Annuncios!

Fri, Dec 7






Correlative Conjunctions WS

Vocab – TEST DAY!

Week of Nov 26-30




Monday, Nov 26

CR – Graphic Organizer Un. 3

CR 65 – Written task due Wednesday

New Vocab – Words Associated with Happiness and Unhappiness


Text 49, ex. C

Tuesday, Nov 27


O. Henry biography + quiz

Vocab – Word maps


WB 43 (C) & 44 (D, F)

Wednesday, Nov 28

“The Gift of the Magi” Anticipation Guide

Vocab – Write the Correct Word


Old Text 392, #1-20

Thursday, Nov 29

“The Gift of the Magi” read and respond

Vocab – Complete the Sentence


Old Text 393, #21-45

Friday, Nov 30

“The Gift of the Magi” finish read and respond

Plot Diagram (if time)

Test: Pronouns

Week of Nov 12-16





Nov 12

CR: 57-59 1st read + summary chart

HW: pg 57-59 2nd read + definitions

Vocab: Write your own sentences TOPIC – Thanksgiving

WB 41 – Roles of Indefinite Pronouns


Nov 13

CR: 57-59 3rd read + questions on 60

Vocab: Write the Derivative

WB 42 – Agreement with Indefinite Pronouns


Nov 14

CR: 61-62 1st read + summary chart

HW: pg 61-62 2nd read + definitions

Vocab: Find the Example

QUIZ: Indefinite Pronouns


Nov 15

CR: 61-62 3rd read + graphic organizer on 63

Vocab: Annuncios

Text 48-49 Relative Pronouns


Nov 16

Spirit Dress Day

Free Reading / Book Project Day

Vocab: QUIZ

WB 40 Relative Pronouns

Week of Nov 5-9




Monday, Nov 5

Introduce November Virtue: Courtesy – Circle discussion on courtesy in the life of Venerable Pierre Toussaint

Vocab Test

WB pg. 43-44 pts B & E

Tuesday, Nov 6

CR Unit 3

Pg. 50- visual text

Pg. 51-53- 1st read + Pg. 54 summary

New vocab – Words associated with Agreements

Spelling pretest, Intro to word meanings, and “Write the Correct Word” activity

Wednesday, Nov 7

Field Trip Today!

a.m. field trip -- Career Expo in Hutch

p.m. – Lit 3 Free Read Day

a.m. field trip -- Career Expo in Hutch

p.m. – Pronoun Review Activity

Thursday, Nov 8

CR Pg 51-53 2nd read (look up definitions) + Pg 55 questions

Vocab – “Complete the Sentence” activity +

Introduce Indefinite Pronouns

Friday, Nov 9

CR Pg 51-53 3rd read + Pg 56 questions

Vocab – “Reading Comprehension” activity +

WS – Indefinite Pronouns

Week of Oct 29 - Nov 2




Monday, Oct 29

“The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” Act 2 and finish plot diagram

Vocab: Reading Comprehension Activity

WB 36, 37, 38, 39 Ex. A ONLY

Tuesday, Oct 30

“The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” – progressive dinner activity

Vocab: Finish the Thought + Write the Derivative

Halloween Debate Prep Sheet

Wednesday, Oct 31

Halloween Parties @ 2:45 pm

Close reading of Creepy Stories

Vocab: Find the Example + Annuncios

Halloween Debates in class

Vocab Test is MONDAY!!

Thursday, Nov 1

No School – Holy Day

No School – Holy Day

Friday, Nov 2

Reading Day

Pronoun Practice

Week of October 22




Monday, Oct 22

CR: 43-44  3rd read and questions 1-3 on pg 45

New Vocab Packet!!

  Spelling Pre-test

  Teach new words

  Write the word activity

Tuesday, Oct 23

CR: 46  Fill out graphic organizer and prepare to write

3.4 Pronouns after Than/As

Text pg 38

Wednesday, Oct 24


Picture Retakes

CR: 47  Writing Day!!

Vocab: Complete the Sentence activity

Pronouns after Than/As WB 34

Thursday, Oct 25

CR: 48 Rate your Writing and turn in CR workbook

Begin reading “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” Act 1

Vocab: Write your own sentences (Topic: The life of your favorite saint)

3.5 Possessive Pronouns vs. Possessive Adjectives

Text pg 40

Friday, Oct 26

Fill in G.O. for Act 1

Read “The monsters Are Due on Maple Street” Act 2

QUIZ!! Pronoun chart in notes

Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives WB 39

Week of Oct 8-12




Monday, Oct 8

Book Buzz Presentations

Vocab Test

Text 197 – diagrams

Tuesday, Oct 9

Book Buzz Presentations

Pronouns – Notes + text 33 (ex. 2)

Wednesday, Oct 10

CR: 39-41 Read 1 & 2

Subject Pronouns –

WB 29 (evens)-30 (ex. A only)

Thursday, Oct 11

CR: 39-41 Read 3 + questions on pg 42

Object Pronouns –

WB 31-33 (evens only)

Friday, Oct 12

½ Day Only – Polaris Service Projects

Week of Oct 1-5




Monday, Oct 1

CR: pg 32 Visual Text

CR: pg 33-35 begin 1st Read

Vocab: Finish the Thought and Derivatives activities

WS: Appositives

Tuesday, Oct 2

CR: pg 33-35 complete 1st Read and summary on pg 36

Vocab: Annuncios

Color-by-# -- All noun jobs (test review)

Wednesday, Oct 3


CR: pg 33-35 2nd Read and ?s on pg 37

Test: Nouns and their jobs

Thursday, Oct 4

**Snack Sale**

CR: pg 33-35 3rd Read and ?s on pg 38

Vocab Test

Friday, Oct 5

No School

Week of September 24-28




Monday, Sept 24

Complete self-scoring rubric in Close Reading text (pg 30)

Read “Zebra”

(See link under Documents tab for full text)

Notes: Object of Preposition

Vocabulary Packet: Words associated with enthusiasm and indifference

Write the Correct Word Activity

Tuesday, Sept 25

Read “Zebra”

Vocab: Complete the Sentences

Text pg 124-125 – Prepositional Phrases

Wednesday, Sept 26

Class Discussion of “Zebra”

WB p. 6 – Object of Prep.

Vocab: Write your own sentences (Topic: sports & recreation)

Thursday, Sept 27

“Zebra” One-Pager Activity

Notes: Appositives & Appositive Phrases

WB p. 8-9

Friday, Sept 28

Spirit Dress Day!

Free Reading Day!!

(Book Report is due Oct 8…)

Vocab: Reading Comprehension Activity

Color-by-Number: Noun Jobs 1-6


Week of September 17-21




Mon, Sept 17

CR 21-23 (3rd Read)

Pg 24 – tutorial on answering text-based questions

Vocab: Write the Derivative

WB p. 5 Indirect Objects

Tues, Sept 18

CR 25-26

“Learning Ocean Science Through Ocean Exploration”

1st Read & 2nd Read

Vocab: Announcements & Find the Example

In-class practice: Indirect Objects

Wed, Sept 19

CR 25-26

Finish 2nd Read / Vocab

3rd Read

Pg. 27 Text-Based Questions

Language MAP pt 1


Thurs, Sept 20

Picture Day!!!

CR 28 – Analyze and Synthesize Across Texts (Graphic Organizer)

Language MAP pt 2

Fri, Sept 21

CR 29 WRITE!!  Due Monday!

Vocab: Test

Noun Job 5: Object of the Preposition

Week of Sept 10-14




Monday, Sept 10

Group Discussions: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Vocab: Behavior Words

Spelling pre-test

“Write the Word” activity

Tuesday, Sept 11

MAP Reading test (pt 2)


Review Noun Jobs 1-3

Wednesday, Sept 12

CR: P 21-23

Read 1 – silent/margin notes

Read 2 – aloud/margin notes

Vocab:” Complete the Sentence” activity

Quiz: Noun Jobs 1-3

Thursday, Sept 13

CR: P 21-23

Read 2 – define words/clarify meaning

Read 3 – discuss central ideas

Vocab: Sentence Writing (topic: charitable living)

Noun Job 4: notes on Indirect Objects

Friday, Sept 14

CR: P 24 questions

Vocab: “Reading Comprehension” activity

Noun Job 5: notes on Object of Preposition

Week of Sept 3-7

No School Monday or Tuesday




Wednesday, Sept 5

CR: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (3rd read and questions on pg 19)

Notes: Direct Objects

WB: Pg 4

Thursday, Sept 6

MAP Testing – Reading pt. 1

WS: Direct Objects vs Subject Complements

Friday, Sept 7

**Adoration 9:15-9:45**

CR: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (questions on pg 20 and class discussion)

Simple diagrams – DO and SC

Week of August 27-31




Mon, Aug 27

Close Reading of article: Does Social Media Make Us More Lonely?

Chunk and Summarize

Vocab: Reading Comprehension Activity

WS: Noun Types (common, proper, abstract, concrete, collective)

Tues, Aug 28

Close Reading of article: Does Social Media Make Us More Lonely?

Finish summary and do “They Say … I Say” activity

Vocab: Write the Derivative

WB pg. 3 Subjects and Subject Complements

Wed, Aug 29

CR: 14-15 Visual text and begin 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Vocab: Oral Announcements and Find the Example activity

WS: Subjects and Subject Complements

Thurs, Aug 30

CR: 16-17 Continue with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Vocab Test

Notes: Direct Objects

Fri, Aug 31

½ Day Only – 12:00 Dismissal

Enrichment Activity

½ Day Only – 12:00 Dismissal

Enrichment Activity

Week of August 20-24




Mon AUG 20

Close Reading of Complex Text (CR)

Pg. 5-6

Vocab: “Teaching Words”

-          Preteach words

-          “Write the Correct Word” activity

Tues AUG 21

CR Pg. 7-8

Vocab – Sentence Writing

Skill: Writing strong sentences

Text 1.1, 1.2 – Singular/Plural Nouns

Wed AUG 22


CR Pg. 9 - Annotating Text


Text 1.1, 1.2 (continue)

WS: 1.2 – Singular/Plural Nouns

Thurs AUG 23

Skill: Visualizing While I Read & Summarizing a Text


CR Pg. 10 - 11

Vocab – “Complete the Sentence” and  “Finish the Thought” activity


Fri AUG 24

CR Pg. 12 - Reading a "visual text"

Introduce nouns and their jobs

WS: Identifying types of nouns