St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Week of Oct 8-12




Monday, Oct 8

Book Buzz Presentations

Vocab Test

Text 197 – diagrams

Tuesday, Oct 9

Book Buzz Presentations

Pronouns – Notes + text 33 (ex. 2)

Wednesday, Oct 10

CR: 39-41 Read 1 & 2

Subject Pronouns –

WB 29 (evens)-30 (ex. A only)

Thursday, Oct 11

CR: 39-41 Read 3 + questions on pg 42

Object Pronouns –

WB 31-33 (evens only)

Friday, Oct 12

½ Day Only – Polaris Service Projects

Week of Oct 1-5




Monday, Oct 1

CR: pg 32 Visual Text

CR: pg 33-35 begin 1st Read

Vocab: Finish the Thought and Derivatives activities

WS: Appositives

Tuesday, Oct 2

CR: pg 33-35 complete 1st Read and summary on pg 36

Vocab: Annuncios

Color-by-# -- All noun jobs (test review)

Wednesday, Oct 3


CR: pg 33-35 2nd Read and ?s on pg 37

Test: Nouns and their jobs

Thursday, Oct 4

**Snack Sale**

CR: pg 33-35 3rd Read and ?s on pg 38

Vocab Test

Friday, Oct 5

No School

Week of September 24-28




Monday, Sept 24

Complete self-scoring rubric in Close Reading text (pg 30)

Read “Zebra”

(See link under Documents tab for full text)

Notes: Object of Preposition

Vocabulary Packet: Words associated with enthusiasm and indifference

Write the Correct Word Activity

Tuesday, Sept 25

Read “Zebra”

Vocab: Complete the Sentences

Text pg 124-125 – Prepositional Phrases

Wednesday, Sept 26

Class Discussion of “Zebra”

WB p. 6 – Object of Prep.

Vocab: Write your own sentences (Topic: sports & recreation)

Thursday, Sept 27

“Zebra” One-Pager Activity

Notes: Appositives & Appositive Phrases

WB p. 8-9

Friday, Sept 28

Spirit Dress Day!

Free Reading Day!!

(Book Report is due Oct 8…)

Vocab: Reading Comprehension Activity

Color-by-Number: Noun Jobs 1-6


Week of September 17-21




Mon, Sept 17

CR 21-23 (3rd Read)

Pg 24 – tutorial on answering text-based questions

Vocab: Write the Derivative

WB p. 5 Indirect Objects

Tues, Sept 18

CR 25-26

“Learning Ocean Science Through Ocean Exploration”

1st Read & 2nd Read

Vocab: Announcements & Find the Example

In-class practice: Indirect Objects

Wed, Sept 19

CR 25-26

Finish 2nd Read / Vocab

3rd Read

Pg. 27 Text-Based Questions

Language MAP pt 1


Thurs, Sept 20

Picture Day!!!

CR 28 – Analyze and Synthesize Across Texts (Graphic Organizer)

Language MAP pt 2

Fri, Sept 21

CR 29 WRITE!!  Due Monday!

Vocab: Test

Noun Job 5: Object of the Preposition

Week of Sept 10-14




Monday, Sept 10

Group Discussions: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Vocab: Behavior Words

Spelling pre-test

“Write the Word” activity

Tuesday, Sept 11

MAP Reading test (pt 2)


Review Noun Jobs 1-3

Wednesday, Sept 12

CR: P 21-23

Read 1 – silent/margin notes

Read 2 – aloud/margin notes

Vocab:” Complete the Sentence” activity

Quiz: Noun Jobs 1-3

Thursday, Sept 13

CR: P 21-23

Read 2 – define words/clarify meaning

Read 3 – discuss central ideas

Vocab: Sentence Writing (topic: charitable living)

Noun Job 4: notes on Indirect Objects

Friday, Sept 14

CR: P 24 questions

Vocab: “Reading Comprehension” activity

Noun Job 5: notes on Object of Preposition

Week of Sept 3-7

No School Monday or Tuesday




Wednesday, Sept 5

CR: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (3rd read and questions on pg 19)

Notes: Direct Objects

WB: Pg 4

Thursday, Sept 6

MAP Testing – Reading pt. 1

WS: Direct Objects vs Subject Complements

Friday, Sept 7

**Adoration 9:15-9:45**

CR: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (questions on pg 20 and class discussion)

Simple diagrams – DO and SC

Week of August 27-31




Mon, Aug 27

Close Reading of article: Does Social Media Make Us More Lonely?

Chunk and Summarize

Vocab: Reading Comprehension Activity

WS: Noun Types (common, proper, abstract, concrete, collective)

Tues, Aug 28

Close Reading of article: Does Social Media Make Us More Lonely?

Finish summary and do “They Say … I Say” activity

Vocab: Write the Derivative

WB pg. 3 Subjects and Subject Complements

Wed, Aug 29

CR: 14-15 Visual text and begin 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Vocab: Oral Announcements and Find the Example activity

WS: Subjects and Subject Complements

Thurs, Aug 30

CR: 16-17 Continue with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Vocab Test

Notes: Direct Objects

Fri, Aug 31

½ Day Only – 12:00 Dismissal

Enrichment Activity

½ Day Only – 12:00 Dismissal

Enrichment Activity

Week of August 20-24




Mon AUG 20

Close Reading of Complex Text (CR)

Pg. 5-6

Vocab: “Teaching Words”

-          Preteach words

-          “Write the Correct Word” activity

Tues AUG 21

CR Pg. 7-8

Vocab – Sentence Writing

Skill: Writing strong sentences

Text 1.1, 1.2 – Singular/Plural Nouns

Wed AUG 22


CR Pg. 9 - Annotating Text


Text 1.1, 1.2 (continue)

WS: 1.2 – Singular/Plural Nouns

Thurs AUG 23

Skill: Visualizing While I Read & Summarizing a Text


CR Pg. 10 - 11

Vocab – “Complete the Sentence” and  “Finish the Thought” activity


Fri AUG 24

CR Pg. 12 - Reading a "visual text"

Introduce nouns and their jobs

WS: Identifying types of nouns