St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Week of September 16th

Monday, September 16th

Picture day is Thursday. Uniforms do not need to be worn.

  • Math: 
    • 6A-writing equations from Ratio Tables; Homework page 135 and 137
    • 6B-MAP testing
  • Science
    • Metric Length lab; complete and turn in tomorrow
  • English
    • Grammar Review Jeopardy

Tuesday, September 17th

There will be no server training today. Today's group will go on Thursday. 

  • Math: 
    • 6A-writing equations from Ratio Tables; Homework - Mixture task worksheet
    • 6B-writing equations from Ratio Tables; Homework-page 133
  • Science
    • Metric Length lab
    • History of Metric System worksheet
  • English
    • 6A-Review Direct/Indirect Objects; page 24#20-28
    • 6B- Visit from Father Dugan

Wednesday, September 18th

 Tomorrow is picture day. Students may wear appropriate picture day attire. 

  • Math: 
    • 6A-MAP testing
    • 6B-Writing equations from Ratio Tables; homework finish page 137 and 143
  • Science
    • Metric Mass Notes
  • English
    • Prepositions- notes in grammar notebook
    • homework page 9 in workbook

Thursday, September 19th

  • Math: 
    • Turning Ratio Tables into Coordinate Graphs
    • Homework- finish page 149, 155-156
  • Science
    • Metric Mass Estimation
    • Metric Conversion
    • Homework-finish Metric Mania conversion worksheet
  • English
    • Prepositions
    • Homework-finding prepositions worksheet

Friday, September 20th

  • Math: Solving Ratio Problems with Coordinate planes, ratio tables and tape diagrams
    • Homework- Take home quiz over Topic B (lessons 9-15:
    • Mid-Module Task on Monday
  • Science: Metric Mass
    • We will finish with the Mass Lab on Monday in class
  • English: Prepositions

Week of September 9th

Monday, September 9th

  • Math: Solving Problems Using Ratio Tables;
    • Finish pages 113 and 117
  • English: Direct and Indirect Nouns
    • Finish pages 7-8
  • Science: Analyzing Data
    • Finish Penny Lab  Conclusion

Tuesday, September 10th

  • Math: Solving Problems Using Ratios and Ratio Tables
    • Finish Ratio worksheet (choose 5 from the page; show all work)
  • English: Direct and Indirect Nouns
    • Assessment check
  • Science: Analyzing Data

Wednesday, September 11

  • Math: Solving Problems Using Ratio Tables and Double line graphs;
    • Finish exercise #4 on page 119; we will continue discussing tomorrow
  • English/Science: Activity-Can you build it?
    • Writing and following procedures

Thursday, September 12

  • Math: Solving Problems Using Ratio Tables and Double line graphs
    • Finish page 125 and 129 #1 in class
    • Finish worksheet for homework
    • MAP testing tomorrow
  • English: Noun Review
    • page 24 in text book (book page is found under documents) #1-19 following directions we discussed in class
  • Science: Metric System
    • Activity and turn in notecard

Friday, September 13th


  • Math: MAP testing
  • English: grammar video
  • Science: Metric System
    • notes on length

Week of September 3rd

Welcome Back to another great week in 6th grade! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! 


Tuesday, September 3rd

We will have first Friday adoration this week as well as our first week of Art on Friday. Math MAP testing will begin on Friday, September 13th for 6th grade. 

Science: Review Scientific Method. We will start a new experiment this week..

  • Homework is the finish Scientific Method Worksheet

English: Collect Noun/Noun Complement Assignment; Noun Scoot game in class which we will turn in for a completion grade

Math: Review and Discuss Ratio Quizzes; We will spend some time reviewing the quizzes and revisiting topics as needed with some of the class.

Wednesday, September 4th

Science: Penny Lab on Surface Tension

  • Homework is to finish questions #1-3 under Analysis

English: Direct and Indirect Objects; Notes in grammar notebook

Math: Lesson 9 Tables of Equivalent Ratios; 

  • Homework is to finish Exit Ticket on page 91 and Problem Set on page 95 #1-3 and write a real-world context for one of the ratios shown in the table.

Thursday, September 5th

Science: Penny Lab on Surface Tension

  • Discuss making graphs from experiment information;
  • finish #1 and #3 under Data section for homework (2 bar graphs)

English: Direct and Indirect Objects

  • Notes in grammar notebook; play DO/IO jeopardy 

Math: Lesson 10: Structure of Ratio Tables

  • Homework is Exit Ticket on page 101 and Problem Set on page 105

 Friday, September 6th

Science: Penny Lab on Surface Tension

  • Homework is to finish summary on Analysis #4

English: Direct and Indirect Objects

Math: Lesson 11 : Solving Problems with Ratio Tables


Week of August 26th

Monday, August 26th

School Skate Party on Wednesday, August 28th

  • Science- Spaghetti Tower Experiment
  • English- Continue discussing Concrete and Abstract Nouns
  • Math- Solving Ratios; Finish Practice questions on page 45 #1-4; Exit Ticket on page 47; Problem Set page 51 #1-2: #3-4 are optional

Tuesday, August 27th

  • Skate Party on Wednesday
  • Spirit Dress on Friday; Friday dismiss at noon
  • Math- Do page 57; choose one question from page 61;
    • Quiz on Friday over lessons 1-8
  • English- Finish page 4 Concrete and Abstract Nouns

Wednesday, August 28th

  • Skate Party tonight!
  • Spirit Dress on Friday; Friday dismiss at noon
  • Science- Missing Piece Activity and write 3 sentences comparing the activity to Science
  • Math- Do page 69 Exit Ticket AND choose one question from page 73
    • Quiz on Friday over lessons 1-8
  • English- Nouns as subjects and subject complements; 6B Finish page 5

Thursday, August 29th

  • Spirit Dress on Friday; Friday dismiss at noon
  • Science- Scientific Method notes
  • Math- Lesson 8; Finish page 83 #1-3; #4 is optional; Quiz tomorrow over lessons 1-8; use study guide to review
  • English- Plural nouns review; do page 5-6 on nouns as subjects and subject complements

Friday August 30th


  • Math- Ratio Quiz over lessons 1-8
  • Have a great weekend!

Week of August 19th

6A will be reading and bringing up the gifts on Friday. We will not be singing in the choir because this will be our first day with our kindergarten buddies.

Girls need to wear PE shorts Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week.

Band starts this week!

Please check schedules for servers and safety patrol on Mrs. Squires website


  • Science: Set up Interactive Science Notebook;  
    • Title page and table of contents are to be completed by Friday
  • Math: Module 1; Lesson 1 Ratios; 
    • Homework- page 9 Lesson 1 Problem Set 



  • Science/Math/Reflection/English- composition notebook title pages are due Friday
  • English- plural nouns; notes & completed page 1
  • Math- Ratios
    • Finish Problem Set 2 on page 19 for homework


  • Girls wear PE shorts on Thursday and Friday
  • 6A Mass on Friday with buddies
  • Science- Scientific Method; watch shark video
  • Math- Equivalent Ratios
    • finish page 31 Problem Set 3
    • Quiz over lessons 1-4 on Friday
  • English- more notes on plural nouns;
    • finish page 2 for homework (6A)


  • Mass tomorrow with buddies
  • Title pages for Composition Notebooks due Tomorrow
  • English- More plurals page 2 (6B)
  • Math- Equivalent Ratios
    • Finish page 41 Problem Set #4;
    • Quiz tomorrow over lessons 1-4


  • Math Quiz over lessons 1-4
  • Science- Observations vs Inferences
  • English- Abstract and Concrete Nouns; Create grocery list of concrete nouns

Week of August 12th

Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year!

I will post daily assignments/information on this website. Take a look under documents and you'll see some parent information about our new math series. 

Our first 6A mass will be on Friday, August 23rd. We will be participating in the readings and Offertory gifts. We will NOT be singing in the choir this time.


  • Welcome Back procedures and organization
  • Homework- My Life in Numbers Worksheet

Thursday: No School- Holy Day


  • Social Contract
  • Math: In Class Activity- SCOOT task cards
  • No Homework; Have a great weekend!



Sixth grade

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year! 

Thank you to everyone who attended our Homeroom Huddles this week.

I am looking forward to a great year with some amazing 6th graders!