St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

1B Newsletter May 13-23

 1B Weekly News


 Wed. May 22: Field Day from 1:00-2:30  (Spirit Dress.  May wear shorts)

Thurs. May 23:  Last Day of School.  11:00 Dismissal


Ch. 11 - The Holy Spirit helps the Church Grow

Ch. 12 - The Church Serves 

 Virtue - Responsibility

 Rosary Book - The Glorious Mysteries 

Language Arts

Story - Unit 5 - Week 6:  The Stone Garden

Spelling Test: Friday 5/17

Comprehension - theme, inferring

Amazing Words - doubt, glider, unmanned, soar, accomplish, original, exclaim

High-Frequency Words -  answered, carry, different, poor  (Practice reading these words)

Spelling words -  unhappy, undo, undress, rewind, refill, repay, retell, untie, unkind, reopen, different, carry

Phonics -  prefixes un- and re- and long vowels i and o

Writing and Conventions -  prepositions and prepositional phrases

Speaking and Listening -  share information and ideas


 Chapter 10:  Three-Dimensional Shapes 

Vocabulary:cone, cube, cylinder, face, rectangular prism, three-dimensional shape

Launch Chapter:  Am I Ready?, Vocabulary, and foldable

Lesson 1-  cones and  rectangular prisms

Lesson 2- Cones and cylinders

Check My Progress

Lesson 3 - Problem Solving: Look for a pattern

Lesson 4 - combine three-dimensional shapes

My Review

Practice your math facts

Science and Social Science 

Science: Solar System: Sun, Moon, Stars

Scholastic News:  A Trip to the Sun, Sharks, Where are the Ladybug's Spots, and You Can Be a Lifeguard