St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

1B Newsletter September 17-21

 1B Weekly News

9/20 - Picture Day. No uniforms

9/21 - Please send one washed apple to school for our apple investigations next week.

10/11 - Field trip to Klausmeyer Dairy Farm  from 12:00-3:00.  (permission form will go home later)

I Read, You Read - Your child will complete one story a week for homework on Tuesdays.  Please have your child answer questions with a complete sentence.  


Virtue - Charity

Ch. 5 - Jesus teaches about love

Saint - St. Matthew 9/21

Prayer - Sign of the Cross.  Please practice with your child.  Paper Due by 9/26

Language Arts

Story - Unit 1 - Week 1:  Pig in a Wig

Spelling test: Friday 9/21

Comprehension - plot

Amazing Words - career, service, too, scrub, sloppy, exercise, comfort, search

High-Frequency Words - she, take,  up, what (Practice reading these words)

Spelling words - six, lip, in, wig, it, did, mix, sit, pin, fix, she, take

Phonics - short i

Writing and Conventions - fantasy story

Speaking and Listening - sharing information about caring


Chapter 1: Addition Concepts

Vocabulary: add, addition number sentence, equals, false, part, plus, sum, true, whole, zero (review with your child)

Lesson 12 - find missing parts of ten

Lesson 13 - true/ false statements

Lesson 14 - My Review  (The My Review will be our chapter test)


Science and Social Science 

Science -  Apples and begin animal unit 

Scholastic News - That's Polite