St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

1B Newsletter September 16-20

 1B Weekly News



Law Day speaker for 1A and 1B - Tuesday 9/17 

No AR tests on Tuesday due to speaker.

Fall pictures - Thursday 9/19. Uniforms are not worn.

AR news:  The goal is to have the students take one AR test every week.  After a book is read, please write the titile, author's last name, Reading level, points and date in your child's agenda on the Reading Log in the front.   Book information can be found on the website:

We will have a parent volunteer on Tuesday/  Thursday and sometimes on Mondays to give AR tests.  


We Believe - Chapter 24 - We share God's Love

Virtue:  Faith

Bible Story: Creation

Saint: None this week

September Prayer:  Sign of Cross


Language Arts

Story - Unit 1 - Week 2:  Pig in a Wig

Spelling Test: Friday, September 20

Comprehension - plot

Amazing Words - career, tool, sloppy, comfort, service, scrub, exercise, search

High-Frequency Words -  she, take, up, what     (Practice reading these words)

Spelling words -  six, lip, in, wig, it, did, mix, sit, pin, fix, she, take

Phonics -  short vowel i and consonant x

Writing and Conventions -  subjects in a sentence

Speaking and Listening -  relate an experience in sequence


 A Story of Units:  Module 1 Sums and Differences to 10

Topic C:  Addition word problems

Vocabulary:  count on, track, expression, addend, doubles, doubles plus 1

Lesson 9-  Solve math stories by drawing, writing equations and making statements of the solution

Lesson 10-  Solve math stories by drawing and using 5-group cards

Lesson 11 - Solve math stories as a context for counting on, by drawing, writing equations, and making statements of the solution


Science and Social Science 

Social Science:  Community, rules and laws

Science:  none

Scholastic News:  Good School Citizens