St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

1B Newsletter January 14-18

 1B Weekly News

Calendar Change:  the 1st/2nd grade Music program will be on March 28 at 6:30 not April 4.

1/17 - Class Pictures (wear uniforms)

1/21 - No School: Teacher Retreat



Ch 7 - Ordinary Time

Ch. 4 - Jesus works among the People

Virtue - Fortitude

Prayer - Angel of God.  Prayer sheet due by January 30


Language Arts

Story - Unit 3 - Week 2:  Ruby in Her Own Time

Spelling test: Friday 1/18

Comprehension - compare and contrast

Amazing Words - attempt, event, time line, famous, flatter, correct

High-Frequency Words -   any, enough, ever, every, own, sure, were  (Practice reading these words)

Spelling words -  bring, trunk, pink, sang, wing, rink, blank, rang, sunk, every, sure

Phonics - consonant patterns ng and nk,  compound words

Writing and Conventions -  verbs that add -s

Speaking and Listening -  share information about respect


Chapter 5:  Place Value

Vocabulary:  equal to, greater than, less than, ones, tens, hundreds, regroup

Lesson 5 - tens and ones

Lesson 6- problem solving: make a table

Lesson 7 - Numbers to 100

Lesson 8 -  ten more and ten less

Check My Progress

Science and Social Science 


Social Science - Economics Unit 

Scholastic News:  Brave Ruby