St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

For the Week of February 19, 2019

In 8th grade social studies, we will take our Ch. 9 test on the Constitutional Convention on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we will learn about the Constitution and the electoral college, in particular.  Beginning Thursday, students will be given "cloze" notes on Ch. 10 and the Early Days of a New Nation.

8th grade religion will finally take our Ch. 10 quiz on The Apostolic Church on Tuesday.  Wednesday we will begin studying Church history, which is largely the theme for the rest of the year.  K of C vocations posters are due on March 1 and Mr. Talavera will pay his weekly visit on Thursday of this week.

7th grade religion will continue with Ch. 14 from our textbook and should wrap the chapter up by Friday, with a quiz slated for that day.

Finally, 7th grade social studies will continue on into Ch. 6 of Kansas History looking at the early settlement days of Kansas.  We will also begin a personal history project on Wednesday with information to be handed out in class.  We will also start watching a movie "Far and Away" about the Oklahoma land rush, among other historical themes, beginning on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

Mr. Kenton

Mr. Winston Kenton
7-8 Religion/Social Studies