St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

7th Grade Religion / Kansas History

Week of  8/19-23

7th Religion
Monday: text pgs. Apostle's Creed 
Tuesday: text pgs. Creed activity
Wednesday: text pgs. Creed activity
Thursday: text pgs.  Creed activity
Friday:  text pgs. Saint evaluation
*all activities in the book and study guide questions*
Prayer sheets due last school day of the month.


7th Kansas History
Monday: text pgs.   tasks #  map skills
Tuesday: text pgs.  tasks # map skills

Wednesday: text pgs.  tasks  # map skills
Thursday: text pgs.  tasks  # map skills
Friday: text pgs.   tasks  # map skills
*subject to change*


8th Religion
Monday: text pgs. 3,4,5
Tuesday: text pgs. 6,7
Wednesday: text pgs. 8,9,10
Thursday: "Chosen" reading and activities
Friday: chapter quiz 1, Gospel reflections
*assignments include all activities in the book*


8th Social Studies
Monday: text pgs. 1-4 ws 1
Tuesday: text pgs. 5-10 ws 2&3
Wednesday: text pgs. 13-18 ws 4
Thursday: text pgs. 19-23 ws 5&6
Friday: chapter 1 quiz

*subject to change*




Mr. Jim Scott
7-8 Religion/ Social Studies