Just as the Church is in constant need of reform, so is the Christian. We are weak and in need of God’s transforming grace.

In an effort to support reform in our lives, we are going to tackle a problem that looms large in our society, our Church, and our parish: pornography, its effects, and its consequences. We are calling this initiative, “Equipping our Families and Safeguarding our Children from pornography.” Our endeavor will not be focused on shaming anyone, but on shining a light into the darkness so people may find a way out. We will be providing tons of information on our website and in the gathering space, all in an attempt to protect our youth from the scourge of pornography, and lead others to healing and away from a pornographic lifestyle. God despises all sin for how it mars the beauty of the human body and human love, and pornography does both in a very direct way.

I ask you—as families, individuals, and parishioners—to make this a focal point in your lives. Educate yourselves as parents on how to talk to your children about pornography. If caught in the addiction of pornography, place safeguards and boundaries around yourself so as to lessen the temptation. 

Please avail yourself of the many resources we are providing. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

Fr. Sherman A. Orr

Brief videos for parents:

KCKansas diocese: Protecting Catholic Families from Pornography video

Loving our child in a pornified world. (Fr. Sean Kilcawley)

Encountering the love of God in family. (Fr. Sean Kilsawley)

What is pornography?

Mom & Dad, what's your internet safety IQ?

Parent tools

Before you decide to give your child a device or social media, please watch this.

The true toxicity of social media revealed:

How to talk to your child about porn. A conversation blueprint:

Kids can reject pornography (sign up for their newsletter)

Tutorials for helping setting parental controls (Fr. Sean Kilcawley)

Pursuing a world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness:

Entertainment guide for reviewing movies, videos, tv, games & books:


Online Surveys to Assess Porn Addiction

Finding a good therapist

Quit porn for good: a science-based tool for lasting change:

Internet Accountability and Filtering