St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Jan. 14 - 18 Newsletter

Class pictures will be taken on Thursday, January 17.  Students wear their uniforms for this picture.   If you would like to purchase a class picture please be sure to send your money by Thursday.  Don't forget to return your library books on Friday.  Friday is  our "Show and Tell" day.  You may bring one item that fits into your backpack.  Please continue to practice addition math facts 0-5.  Children should be able to give an answer without using counters or their fingers.    We are also working on counting to 100 starting from any given number.  I will be administering the Dibels Math and Reading Assessments on Wednesday.  There will be a substitute in the classroom.  If you need to contact me please call and leave a message with the office.   We celebrate  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday on Monday, January 21.  There will be NO school.  Please pray the teachers as we will be attending a retreat on that day.     

A Look at the Week Ahead:

Religion - Glory Be prayer
              - Jesus grew up in Nazareth
              - Fortitude - virtue of the month

Math - Addition facts 0-5
         - Counting to 100 beginning at any number
Social ScienceCity life and rural life in Kansas                    
                         - Locating Kansas on the map
                         - Identifying Kansas symbols

Language Arts - Recognizing letter Yy and its phonetic sound
                         - Printing Yy
                         - Story - Then and Now 
                         - Genre - Nonfiction
                         - Question of the Week - How are things we use today different from things
                            used long ago?

                         - Amazing words - gears, webcams, phonographs, headphones, handwritten,

                         - Vocabulary - new, old, fast, slow
                         - High-frequency words - they, you, of
                         - Comprehension Skill - Compare and contrast
                         - Convention - Word groups
                         - Grammar - writing a sentence using 4 to 5 words
                         - Correct spacing, punctuation, and capitalizing first word in a
                         - January word list

Technology - Math games

Happy Birthday Gabriel!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Way