St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Sept. 17 - 21 Newsletter

It was amazing to see the church overflowing with over 900 students and  grandparents on Friday morning.  The children enjoyed showing off our classroom after a donut with their special guests.  It was great to be able to meet so many of the grandmas and grandpas that the children talk so fondly of.  
The kindergarten classes went "buggy" last week.  Thank you for sending a variety of insects for the students to view.  It is more exciting to see a life specimen as opposed to reading about them in a book.  We learned that insects have 3 body parts, an exoskeleton, and six  Iegs.  Many of them also have antennae and wings.   Fall pictures are scheduled for Thursday.  All students will be photographed for the school yearbook.  They do not have to wear their uniforms for these pictures.  We will have PE so remember to wear or bring tennis shoes.   After learning several consonant sounds and adding a vowel we are now able to make simple words the children can read.  This is a very exciting time for the children!
The kindergarten classes will be saving pull tabs from aluminum cans to benefit the Ronald McDonald Houses.  Some of our parishioners have stayed in the Ronald McDonald Houses when they had a child in the hospital.  This is our stewardship project.  Your help is greatly appreciated! 
The first quarter ends on October 12.  Here is a list of the skills that your child will be tested on:

First Quarter Skills
Sign of the Cross
Genuflecting correctly
Reverent and participates in Mass
Recognizes numbers 0-10
Matches numbers to objects 0-10
Writes numbers 0-10 without a model
Counts to 20
Recognizes letters Ll ,Oo, Gg ,Hh, Tt, Pp, Nn, Aa, and Mm 
Recognizes phonetic sounds for the letters listed above
Writes first name correctly
Can recite phone number
Identifies role of the author
Able to answer simple questions about a story
Participates in class discussion
Recognizes opposites

 A Look at the Week Ahead:

Religion - God made animals
                   - Sign of the Cross
                   - Genuflects correctly
                   - Reverence in Mass
                  -Virtue of Charity


Language Arts - Story - Smash Crash
                                  - Genre - Fantasy
                                  - High frequency words - a, to
                                  - Comprehension Skills - character, sequencing 
                                  - Amazing Words - signals, dud, proper, pirates, perfect,
                                  - Question of the Week - What do friends like to do with your
                                  - Nouns name people and animals                     
                                   - Vocabulary  - in, out, up, down
                                   - Counting words in a sentence
                                   - Recognizing letters Tt, Pp and their phonetic sounds
                                   - Blending sounds to read words - log, hog, hot, got, lot,
                                      pot, pop
                                    - Printing Tt
Math - Recognizing numbers 6 - 10
               - Printing numbers 1-10 without a model
               - Ordering numbers 0-10
              - Matching numbers to objects 6-10
Science - What is an insect?

Social Studies - Families

Technology - Using a mouse

Have a great week!

 Mrs. Way