St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

September 2018 Music Notes

Liturgy Committee: I've had 47 students sign up for liturgy committee. So wonderful! September Angelus and Thursday Reader schedules are currently posted in homerooms. It is the students' responsibility to check these schedules and fulfill their duties. If a student is unavailable, he/she is asked to get a sub from their particular ministry. Schedules, as well as a complete roster of ministries (for help finding subs), will also be posted each month outside the music rooms.

7th Grade General Music: We started the year off with a pre-test on musical knowledge and have currently been working on rhythm activities. We've been studying/reading/playing quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes. We did some drum circles and will be doing a few more rhythm games and activities (independent and group) in the coming week or two. After rhythm we'll jump in with melody and then move on to the writing project. A large part of the first 9-wks music grade will be based on classroom procedures (contributing to the positive learning environment of the classroom). If you have questions about your child's grade, you can check the comments section in PowerSchool, or feel to email me.