St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

1C Newsletter ~April 22nd - 26th

Monday:  No School

Thursday:  Virtual Snack Sale


Unit 5: Great Ideas      Reading Street Login (click here)

Story:  Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery

Comprehension:  Compare/Contrast

Amazing Words:case, confused, explanation, encouragingly, riddle, suspects, wonder

High Frequency Words: among, another, instead, none

Phonics:  Vowel Digraph oo

Writing/Conventions:  Pronouns I and Me

Spelling Words: book, moon, took, food, look, pool, zoo, noon, good, foot, instead, another 

 (Test Friday )

Spelling City (Click here for practice activites)       Choose the 1st grade lists, 2013 options



 Ch. 9:  Two Dimensional Shapes and Equal Shares

Vocabulary:  circle, equal parts, fourths, halves, rectangle, side, square, trapezoid, triangle, two-dimensional shape, vertex, whole,  composite shape

Lesson 2:  Triangles and Trapezoids

Lesson 3:  Circles

Lesson 4:   Compare Shapes

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Homework this Week

Review Spelling words nightly

Read at least one AR book

Monday: None

 Tuesday:    Math 2,  "I Read, You Read"

Wednesday:  Math 3,  Read "Dot and Jabber"

Thursday: Math 4