St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

1C Newsletter ~ February 18th - 22nd

Monday:  No School, Presidents' Day

Thursday:  Virtual Snack Sale


 Unit 4: Treasures      Reading Street Login (click here)

Story:  Mama's Birthday Present

Comprehension:  Draw Conclusions

Amazing Words:  celebrate, cherish, grateful, delicate, rarest, loot, genuine

High Frequency Words:  about, enjoy, give, surprise, worry, would

Phonics:  Vowel Digraphs:  ay, ai    Singular and Plural Possessives

Writing/Conventions:  Adjectives

Spelling Words: way, day, gray, train, tail, may, mail, play, rain, afraid, about, would (Spelling test Friday)

Spelling City (Click here for practice activites)       Choose the 1st grade lists, 2013 options



 Ch. 6:  Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Launch the Lesson

Lesson 3:  Add Tens and Ones

Lesson 4:  Problem Solving

Lesson 5:  Add Tens and Ones with Regrouping

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Homework this Week

Review Spelling words nightly

Read at least one AR book

Monday:  none

 Tuesday:  Math 3, I Read, You Read

Wednesday:  Math 4,  Read "Mama's Birthday Present"

Thursday: Math 5