St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

April 23-26

Happy Easter!! 


Blessed First Communion Book

Session 5-  Your First Communion

This is a Special Day, You're Growing Up, Preparation Matters

Language Arts

Just Like Josh Gibson

Vocabulary- bases, cheers, field, plate, sailed, threw

Phonics- -ed, -ing, -er, est

Text-Based Comprehension- Compare and Contrast

Writing and Conventions- homophones

Spelling- tried, trying, planned, liked, liking, skipped, skipping, heavier, heaviest, lighter, lightest

Test- April 30


 Chapter 12- Geometric Shapes and Equal Shares

Lesson 1- Two Dimensional Shapes

Lesson 7- Halves, Thirds, and Fourths

Lesson 8-Area

Science/Social Studies

States of Matter