St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Newsletter for January 21-25

Newsletter for January 21-25




Math: Begin Chapter 9:  Properties and Equations       

Religion: Finish  Chapter 16--Celebrating the Eucharist:  The Mass 

Vocabulary:  Passover, Eucharist, Mass, sacrifice, assembly   

          Test: Friday, January 25

English: Irregular Verbs

Handwriting: Cursive, lowercase g, q        

Reading: Around One Cactus

          Vocabulary:  incredible, lofty, noble, search, stinging, survivors, topic, unseen, waterless

          Test: Friday, January 25

Social Studies/Science: Economics                        

Phonics/Spelling: Unit 3 Week 5  Consonant Patterns wr, kn, gn, st, mb

thumb, gnaw, written, know, climb, design, wrist, crumb, assign, wrench, knot, wrinkle, lamb, knob, knit

 Challenge Words:   wrestler, bologna, cologne, honeycomb, knickknack

Test:  Thursday, January 24

Newsletter for January 14-18

Newsletter for January 14-18


Math: Continue Chapter 8--Apply Multiplication and Division      

Test:  Friday, January 18

Religion: Chapter 15-We Celebrate the Sacraments

          Vocabulary: sacrament, grace, Sacraments of Christian Initiation, Original Sin 

          Test: Friday, January 18

English: Present, Past, and Future Tenses

Handwriting: lowercase, cursive q, o

Reading: A Symphony of Whales        Comprehension Skill:  Generalize

          Vocabulary: anxiously, bay, blizzards, channel, chipped, melody, supplies, surrounded, symphony

          Test: Friday, January 18

Social Studies/Science: Continue Economics Unit

Phonics/Spelling: Unit 3 Week 4

beautiful, safely, kindness, finally, spotless, worthless, illness, helpful, daily, suddenly, wireless, quietly, fairness, cheerful, painful    CHALLENGE WORDS:  anxiously, thoughtfully, cautiously, tardiness, breathless

          Test: Thursday, January 18th