St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Newsletter for April 29-May 3

Newsletter for April 29-May 3


Math:  Begin Chapter 14-Geometry

Religion: Diocesan Religion Review

          Vocabulary:  on cards and study guides already sent home       

          Test:  Wednesday, May 8

English: Conjunctions

Handwriting:  Cursive, lowercase y, z          

Reading: Me and Uncle Romie              Comprehension Skill:  Author's Purpose

   Vocabulary: cardboard, feast, fierce, flights, pitcher, ruined, stoops, treasure

          Test: Friday, May 3

Social Studies/Science:  Life Cycles Unit with Mrs. Ronck

Phonics/Spelling: Unit 5 Lesson 5

rocky, foolish, rainy, childhood, selfish, treatment, movement, neighborhood, childish, parenthood, crunchy, bumpy, payment, sleepy, shipment   CHALLENGE WORDS:  assignment, livelihood, stylish, environment, guilty               

          Test: Thursday, May 2

Newsletter for April 22-26

Newsletter for April 22-26


Math:     Measuring to Halves and Fourths of an Inch

Religion:  Easter


          Test: No Test

English: Comparative and Superlative Adverbs

Handwriting:     Cursive, lowercase z     

Reading: Continue "Jalapeno Bagels"        Comprehension Skill:  Drawing Conclusions

          Vocabulary: bakery, batch, boils, braided, dough, ingredients, mixture

          Test: THURSDAY, April 25 (Because of the Field Trip Friday)

Social Studies/Science:  Continue  Life Cycles with Mrs. Ronck            

Phonics/Spelling: Unit 5 Week 4--Vowel Patterns ei, eigh

 ceiling, neighbor, either, eighteen, height, neither, weight, leisure, protein, freight, receive, weigh, deceive, sleigh, conceited  CHALLENGE WORDS:  receipt, eightieth, neighborly, deceitful, featherweight

          Test: Thursday, April 25