St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Newsletter for November 26-30

Newsletter for November 26-November 30


Math: Continue Chapter 6--Multiplication and Division Patterns       

Test:  Friday, November 30   

Religion:    Chapter 11  The Parish Is Our Home

Vocabulary:  parish, pastor, deacon

          Test: Friday, November 30

English: Plural Possessive Nouns

Handwriting: cursive, lowercase s, j

Reading: "Amazing Bird Nests"

         Vocabulary: bill, goo, hunters, material, platform, tons, twigs

          Test: Friday, November 30

Social Studies/Science: Continue Fossils and Variation Among a Species   


Phonics/Spelling: Unit 2 Week 5

Consonant Digraphs /sh/, /th/, /f/, /ch/, /ng/

father, chapter, other, alphabet, watch, English, weather, catch, fashion, shrink, pitcher, flash, athlete, trophy, nephew  CHALLENGE WORDS:  northern, establish, emphasis, hyphen, challenge

          Test: Thursday, November 29

Newsletter for November 12-16

Newsletter for November 12-16


 Music Program -- Thursday, November 15 at 6:30 in MSH


Math: Chapter 6--Multiply and Divide by 2 and 5        

Religion: Chapter 10: The Church Prays

          Vocabulary: prayer, synagogue, liturgy, pilgrimages       

          Test:  Friday, November 16

English: Singular Possessive Nouns

Handwriting: lowercase, cursive letters s and j

Reading: Tops and Bottoms           

          Vocabulary: bottom,cheated, clever, crops, lazy, partners, wealth

Spelling and Phonics: Words with spl, thr, squ, str, scr, 

splash, throw, three, square, scream, strike, street, split, splurge, thrill, strength, squeak, throne, scratch, squeeze  CHALLENGE WORDS:  squid, squander, arthritis, instrument, strategy

          Test: Thursday, November 15