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Welcome Back! (2)


 Welcome to 4th Grade!

I am so excited to start this school year. This website will be updated weekly to keep you informed on what is happening in our classroom. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns!

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August 19-23





Day Assignment

Lesson 1 - Interpret a multiplication equation as a comparison.
HW - Pgs. 3-7 


Lesson 2 - Recognize a digit represents ten times the value of what it represents in the place to its right.
HW - Pgs. 9-12 

Wednesday Lesson 3 - Name numbers with in 1 million using a place value chart and commas.
HW - pgs. 13-17
Thursday Lesson 4 - Read and write multi-digit numbers in base ten and expanded form.
HW - pgs. 19-22
Friday Lesson 5 - Compare numbers using <,>, and =.
HW - pgs. 23-27



Prayer of the Month - Act of Faith (Must be said to Mrs. Bretches by September 27th)

Chapter 1 - Jesus - the Way, the Truth, and the Life

During this chapter we will learn:
*Jesus is human and divine
*Jesus is a the perfect example
*Jesus is out Savior
* Disciples spread the Good News and Jesus

Chapter 1 TEST will be on Friday the 23rd.

4th grade attends Mass as a class on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Wednesday is an optional Mass day.



Unit - Minerals and Rocks
During this unit we will learn about patterns in rocks and will tie into our Social Studies lessons about landforms.  We will also learn about fossils.
WB 74 is due Friday


Social Studies
Ch. 1 - The Regions of the US
Lesson 1 - Regions and Landforms
This week we will learn about the landforms in the 5 regions and how the boundaries of the regions are formed.
WB pg. 2 is due Tuesday
WB pg. 3 is due Monday (8/26)