St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Oct. 15-19


 Upcoming Events

October 15-16 - Conferences
October 17 - No School
October 31 - Fall Party and Fatima Prayer Due


Homework can be started at school.  Not all students will have to do it at home. 


  4A and 4B

Monday (3rd):  
Tuesday (4th):  
Wednesday (5th):


Thursday (6th)

1.7 - Review Written/Standard/Expanded Forms
HW - 21/22

Friday (7th):

4.2 - Round to Estimate Products
HW - 207/208



Fr. Kapaun Unit

We will be learning about the many virtues show by Fr. Kapaun during his lifetime.


Social Studies 

 We are starting Chapter 2.  We will be learning about how our government is set up.

This week will be specifically the Rights and Responsibilities we have as citizens. 




Unit - Classifying Plants and Animals

This week we are learning about the different parts of plants.


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