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3A Newsletter 36

3A Newsletter- Week 36: May 14th – May 24th

Dear ParentsTHANK YOU! THANK YOU! for all the wonderful teacher appreciation gift surprises :) I loved and appreciated everything! You are all a loving and caring group of parents! MAP Language Testing is Monday @ 12:10 pm. The end of the year is at hand, we still have lessons to accomplish. Please stress to your child how important it is to keep up positive behavior and best effort on assignments. I would like to THANK YOU!  for sharing your child with me this past school year! You all have been wonderful in aiding in the education of your child. Please have your child continue to practice the math facts for memorization over the summer. I am truely Blessed to have been a part of your child's learning experiences here at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School. May you have an enjoyable, fun summer with family and friends!  Love and Prayers, Mrs. Ronck

Chapter 26: The Kingdom of God Continues to Grow: Jesus used Parables to teach about the Kingdom of God; Jesus taught the Kingdom of God will Grow; Jesus' miracles were signs of the Kingdom of God; The Kingdom of God Grows 

Key Words: parables, miracles, Kingdom of God

Fun Website to study Chapters in our Religion Book-Check it out!!!


Chapter 14 Unit: Geometry:
 Lesson 6: Problem-Solving Investigation; Lesson 7: Partition Shapes; Lesson Review: Vocabulary Check, Concept Check, Problem Solving, Test Practice, Reflect; Review Lessons: Angles, Triangles, Polygons, Quadrilaterals, Partition Shapes, Ch. 14 Test; 5/21-23/18 Chapters 1-14 Benchmark Test

Vocabulary: angle, attribute, endpoint, hexagon, octagon, parallel, parallelogram, pentagon, polygon, quadrilateral, ray, rectangle, rhombus, right angle, right triangle, square, trapezoid, triangle, vertex

Vocabulary Review: 
array, Commutative Property of Multiplication, combination, multiplication sentence, equal groups, factors, multiply, product, the four step plan, reasonable answers, tree diagram, digit, expanded form, place value, round, standard form, word form, Associative Property of Addition, bar diagram, Commutative Property of Addition, estimate, Identity Property of Addition, parentheses, pattern, mental math, reasonable, regroup, unknown, Subtraction, difference, subtract, regroup, divide, multiples, dividend, divisor, quotient, inverse operations, Idenity Property of Multiplication, Zero Property of Multiplication, Associative Property of Multiplication, Distributive Property, equation, evaluate, expression,  operations, variable, denominator, equivalent fractions, numerator, unit fraction, (>) is greataer than, (<) is less than, (=) is equal to, analog clock, capacity, digital clock, gram (g) kilogram (kg), liquid volume, liter (L), mass, metric unit, milliliter (mL), time interval, unit, analyze, bar graph, data, frequency table, half inch, interpret, key, line plot, pictograph, picture graph, quarter inch, scale, survey, tally chart, tally marks, area, perimeter, composite figure, formula, square unit, unit square


Unit Writing; Mechanics: Check-up: Correct Sentences, Capitalizing Proper Nouns, Abbreviations, Book Titles, Introductory Words, Commas in a Series, Quotation Marks, 

Multisensory Grammar Color Coding: yellow for nouns, orange for verbs, red for articles: (noun markers: a, an, the, am); blue for adjectives, purple for adverbs, brown for conjunctions


Unit 6 Theme: "Country Life" Lesson 3: Leah's Pony" Skill: Drawing Conclusions;

Vocabulary: saddle, girth, pasture, auction, gullies, cultivate


Science/Social Studies: Unit: Economics; 3A to Mrs. Capps



Unit 6 Lesson 3: Review: Inflectional Endings: -ed, -ing, and Regular and Irregular Comparatives and Superlatives 

List Words: behaved, worried, splitting, dirtier, dirtiest, earlier, earliest, worse, worst, believed, scurrying, shining, studying, better, loveliest

Dictation Sentence: It is tough to predict who the voters will elect to Congress.


Strokes: Cursive Capital Letter Z; The Holy Spirit

Upcoming Tests: 
5/14/18 MAP Language Test; Spelling Pretest;    5/17/18 Math Test;  5/18/18 Religion, Spelling, Reading Tests;

 5/21-24/18 Religion, Math Year End Assessment
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Spirit Dress;  5/22/18  3A Mass;  5/23/18 Field Day PM.  5/24/18 All School Mass,  Last Day of School - Dismissal @ 11:00 AM 


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