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3A Newsletter 25

3A Newsletter- Week 25: February 18th – 22nd

Dear Parents, Hope you enjoy the extra day off with your child. :) Interim Practices continue in Reading and Math to help us prepare for the state test. Please Continue to have your child practice the Math Facts (+, -, x, /) for memorization each evening. They really need to continue this practice. I appreciate your help:) I am Blessed to be a part of your child's learning experiences. In working together we will have a successful school year. Love and Prayers, Mrs. Ronck

 RCL Benziger Family Life: Lesson 1: The Human Family; Lesson 2: Family Living; Review Unit 1; Unit 2: God's Gift of Self:  Lesson 3Feelings;  Learning to Choose; Reviewing Unit 2 

 Key Words: 

Fun Website to study Chapters in our Religion Book-Check it out!!!


Chapter 10 Fractions: Lesson 5: Fractions on a Number Line; Lesson 6: Equivalent Fractions; Lesson 7: Fractions as One Whole Fractions on a Number Line; Lesson 8: Compare Fractions

Vocabulary: denominator, equivalent fractions, fraction, numerator, unit fraction, (>) is greater than, (<) is less than, (=) is equal to

Vocabulary Review:  array, Commutative Property of Multiplication, combination, multiplication sentence, equal groups, factors, multiply, product, the four step plan, reasonable answers, tree diagram, digit, expanded form, place value, round, standard form, word form, Associative Property of Addition, bar diagram, Commutative Property of Addition, estimate, Identity Property of Addition, parentheses, pattern, mental math, reasonable, regroup, unknown, Subtraction, difference, subtract, regroup, divide, multiples, dividend, divisor, quotient, inverse operations, Idenity Property of Multiplication, Zero Property of Multiplication, Associative Property of Multiplication, Distributive Property, equation, evaluate, expression,  operations, variable


Unit 4 Week 4 " American's Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle" Conventions: Contractions 

Multisensory Grammar Color Coding: yellow for nouns, orange for verbs, red for articles:(noun markers: a, an, the, am); blue for adjectives, purple for adverbs, brown for conjunctions


Unit 4 Week 4 " American's Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle"  Fact and Opinion, Questioning

Vocabulary: celebrate, continued, current, drowned, medals, strokes, stirred


Science/Social Studies: 
Unit: "Inheritance and Variations of Traits" Can be influenced by the Environment
Vocabulary: Life Cycle, traits, inherited traits, environment


Suffixes: -er, -or, -ess, -ist

Review: Prefixes: a letter or group of letters added to the beginning of a root word that changes the meaning or usage of the word. Prefixes are coded by putting a box around them to seperate them from the base or root word. Suffixes: a letter or group of letters added to the end of a base word that changes the meaning or usage of the word. Suffixes are coded by putting a box around them to separate them from the base word.

Review: Prefixes: un, re, pro, pre, mis  Suffixes: ed, er, est, ing, ly, y, less, ness, or, ess,

List Words: dentist, editor, artist, hostess, actress, swimmer, seller, tutor, tourist, organist, lioness, shipper, chemist, investor, conductor

Challenge Words: announcer, pharmacist, journalist, commuter, pianist 


Strokes: cursive capital letter K


Upcoming Tests: 
2/21/19  Spelling Test  


Special Events: 

2/18/19  No School - Presidents' Day;  2/21/19 Virtual Snack Sale  


Library Books: Due Tuesday

Scholastic Reading Club Orders:  March 1, 2019