St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Newsletter for April 16th - 20th


Newsletter for April 16th - 20th 

Field Trip to Botanica on Friday: We are still in need of one more driver to transport 2 students.  The children may wear jeans and their spirit shirts.  They should also wear their tennis shoes and bring a jacket. Don't forget to send your child's booster seat with them on Friday.

Thank you to the parents that will be driving on our field trip. Please arrive by 12:20 and come to the classroom after checking into the office.  We will plan on leaving by 12:30.  Thank you!

This week in our classroom:


We Care About Others As Jesus Did 

Grace is God's life within us

The Angel of God prayer

Language Arts

Digraph oo / sneaky "e" rule

Story : Mayday!  Mayday!   Genre: Informational Text

Amazing Words: rescue, pilot, yacht, sailor, mechanic, shimmering

High Frequency Words:  yellow, blue, green

Comprehension Skill:  Cause and Effect

Conventions: Question Marks & Uppercase Letters

April word list

Spelling words: have, go, sun, frog,  Bonus Word: plant


Position Words

Subtraction Facts 0-5 (no counting on fingers)

Social Studies;

Using Directional Words 


Stewardship of the Environment - Earth Day  (reduce, reuse, recycle)

The Life Cycle of a Frog

Have a great week!







Newsletter For April 9th-13th

 Newsletter for April 9th - 13th

Looking Ahead:

Next Friday, April 20th is our field trip to Botanica! Permission forms will be sent home this week. Please be sure to return them along with $4.00.  If you are planning on driving, please send $4.00 to cover the cost of your admission as well. Thank you so much!

Mark your calendars for our Kindergarten Music Program.  It will take place on Tuesday, May 15th at 12:15 p.m.

4th Quarter Skills:A list of the skills to be mastered during the fourth quarter will be coming home this week.

Virtual Snack Sale:  On Thursday we will have a virtual snack sale to benefit the children in Guaymas, Mexico.

Ducks:  Each year when we learn about life cycles, I like to attempt to hatch chickens or ducks using a small incubator.  This year we are going to try ducks. Due to the temperature in the classroom fluctuating so much, I incubate the eggs in my home and then bring them to school when the hatch date draws near.  Each year, we have been lucky enough to get at least one to hatch.  The eggs arrived at my home on Saturday and I will place them in the incubator this evening.  Hopefully in about 3 1/2 or 4 weeks we will have some ducklings.


Angel of God prayer

Divine Mercy Sunday

We celebrate Jesus' gift of Himself

Grace is God's life within us 

Language Arts:

Story: Max Takes the Train

Genre:  Animal Fantasy

Amazing Words:  plane, subway, ferryboat, jetway, tunnel, sidecar

High Frequency Words: yellow, blue, green

Comprehension Skill:  Realism and Fantasy

Digraph oo

Spelling Words:  see, to, will, we   Bonus word: Mass


Position Words: above, behind, below, beside, in front of, next to

Subtraction Facts

Social Studies:

Good & Services


Life cycle of a plant

The water cycle


Graphic Organizer

Have a great week!!