St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

April 22nd

This week we will begin Map test so please encourage your child to ea a good breakfast and go to bed early.


Monday:  Insert sentence types  into the grammar INB.   Literature read pages 103-108 and complete the sidebars and multiple choice questions.

April 16th

Monday - Read 84-87 "Potstickers" Complet sidebars and  English - pg 83/94

Tuesday - Complete the article and the multiple choice questions - English pgs 102-104

April 9th

This week the students will be taking assessments so please be sure they are getting to bed early and eating a good breakfast.


Monday - Literature stations - In-class activity,  please see me for work to be completed.  Figurative language, Tone, and mood.

Tuesday - Assessments for all 3 sections and then literature stations

Wednesday- Assessments for all 3 sections and then adverbs

Thursday- Literature WB. 69-75  Discussion on Tone and Mood  Read and Annotate for Home work  English pgs 89/90

Friday - Class discussion-  Finish pages 75-81 do sidebars and pages 80-81 as homework  English 91/92