St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Jan 17-19th

We had a really cold week!  Here is the weekly update!


Wednesday - Ember working on chapter 2 - packet  questions #6-8          Engish Workbook - on article adjectives  page 41

Thursday -  Ember Finishing up chapter 2 -packet questions #9-10           English workbook - numerical adjectives page 42

Friday - Vocabulary in context worksheet- Chapter 1-2 summary         

Dictionary Website!

Here is the dictionary website we will be using while completing the Novel study on The City of Ember. 

Word Central

Jan. 8th - 12th

Welcome to a new week!!!  This week we will be starting a novel unit on  "The City of Ember."  This is one of the Battle of the Book novels, and one that I found to be interesting on many levels.   I hope the students are as excited as I am.  Each of the students will be getting a copy of the book to use and to write in as we annotate and discuss.  Please help them remember to make sure they have their novel back to school on the says they have homework from it.

Up this week;  Spelling Bee!!!


Monday - Pre-reading activities for Ember                         adjectives in the INB.

Tuesday - Ember - "The Instructions"  pg 7/8 in handout       English Workbook 39 (6A&6B)

Wednesday - Ember -  read chapter 1                                 English Workbook 39 (6C) pg 40 (6A&6B)

Thursday - Ember -  chapter 1 handout pages annotate chapter 1 / add annotation key.  Class discussion of theme.   

                English - Adjective review page (6A&6B)  workbook page 40 (6C)

Friday - Art