St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

1C Newsletter ~ Nov. 13 - 17


 Thursday, Nov. 16th: Virtual Snack Sale

 Book Orders due Nov. 17th

 Nov. 20-24: Thanksgiving Break, no school

Language Arts

Unit 1: Animals, Tame and Wild

Story: Get the Egg

Comprehension: Main Idea/Details

Vocabulary: habitat, survive, croak, hatch, chirp, moist

High Frequency Words: saw, tree, small, your

Phonics: letters and sounds- short e, initial consonant blends

Writing/Conventions: Interrogative sentences

Speaking/Listening: Give Descriptions

Spelling Words: men, ten, jet, bed, red, net, sled, step, leg, wet, saw, your

                                                   (Test: Friday, Nov. 17th)



Ch. 3: Addition Strategies to 20

Vocabulary: addends, count on, doubles, doubles minus 1, doubles plus 1, number line 

Lesson 6: Problem Solving

Lesson 7: Make 10 to add

Lesson 8:  Add in any order

Lesson 9:  Add 3 numbers


Homework  for Nov. 11th-17th

(homework will be recorded in the student agenda)

Write and Share due on student's assigned day

Monday Nov.13th: math 6

Tuesday Nov. 13th: math 7, I Read, You, Read

Wednesday Nov. 14th: Math 8, Get the Egg

Thursday Nov. 15th:  Math 9

Friday Nov. 16th:  None