St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS


4-23  Life - Food Chain - sequencing

A food chain shows the chain of predators and prey in an environment.  How are marsh hawks, lily pads, frogs, insects, and snakes related in a pond's food cahin?

4-24  Earth - Solar System - predicting

A black hole is a tiny collapsed star that has an extremely strong gravitational pull.  What happens when something comes near a black hole?

4-25  Physical - Matter - Design an experiment

How can you find out whether water evaporates from a leaf?



4-23  Lily pads are eaten by insects.  Insects are eaten by frogs.  Frogs are eaten by snakes.  Snakes are eaten by hawks.

4-24  Whatever gets near a black hole is pulled into it.  A black hole has such strong gravitational force that not even light can escape its pull.

4-25  If water evaporates from leaves, it will go into the air.  Since you cannot observe this, you need to fins a way to catch the water before it is absorbed from the leaf of a growing plant.  One way to do this would be to place a dry plastic bag over a leaf and tie it securely to the branch to which the leaf is attached.  After a day or so, the bag will have beads of moisture if the leaf gave off water.