St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Week of April 3 - 6

Tues.  Finish Rock Test Open book.  Finish BOKS. Answer board questions on earthquakes pages 200-203.

Wed.  Discuss board questions, Read "Tricked-Out Treehouses" and set up engineering groups and discuss project.

Thurs.  Continue earthquakes

Fri. Continue earthquakes. Virtual Earthquake due April 10.  Earthquake website...

Week of April 9 -13

Mon.  Notes and corrections over waves with earthquakes.  Plan supplies for entrance/exit to tree house.  Supplies due Tuesday.

Tues.  Continue with earthquakes.  Compare Richter/Mercalli scales, intensity/magnitude, list 4 main causes for death, list geological conditions for destruction, compare tidal wave to tsunami.

Wed.  Construct entrance/exit to tree house.

Thurs.  Worksheet on risk of earthquakes.

Fri.  Science World or fiinding the epicenter of earthquakes.