St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Math on-line

Your student now has access to his/her Math book online!  Follow the instructions below and you will be able to see exactly what your student is working on in class.

  1. Log on to   (you will want to save this address in Favorites so your student can easily access it in the future)
  2. Your student will then choose the icon for his/her class
  3. Then your student will click on his/her name
  4. Finally, your student will enter a password (students have individual passwords on small ‘cards’ taped in their agenda books)
  5. A picture of the textbook will appear and after clicking on the book, you and your student will have access to all lessons and activities.

November 13-17

 Virtual Snack Sale is Thursday

Spirit Dress is Friday

The Morning Offering is due December 1.



Religion- Stewardship Lessons- Who are you following?



                 Pearl and Wagner- Two Good Friends


                 Author's Purpose

Vocabulary- guess, pretty, science, shoe, village, watch, won

Spelling Words-

read, feet, easy, deep, seat, party, wheel, leave, windy, sleep, teeth, team

Test- November 16



Chapter 3- Two-Digit Addition

Lesson 4- Add Two-Digit Numbers

Lesson 5- Rewrite Two-Digit Numbers

Lesson 6- Add Three and Four Two-Digit Numbers

Lesson 7- Problem Solving


Science/Social Studies-

Native American Homes




Writing and Conventions