St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

February 20-23






Ash Wednesday

Blessed- Session 1- Sunday is Special

                             Keep Counting Your Blessings

                             Your Journey with God Continues- Seven Sacraments

                             God Loves to Celebrate

                             What Makes Sunday Special?

                             From the Bible: Creation

                             Listening to God at Mass

 Reading- The First Tortilla

Vocabulary-awaken, cliffs, mountain, prize, rainbow, suffer, volcano

Plot and Theme


Spelling Words-
too, fruit, true, suit, clue, drew, new, blue, fool, spoon, juice, flew

extra words-won't, know, thought

Test- February 23


Chapter 7- Subtract Two and Three-Digit Numbers

Science/Social Studies-

Life Science- soil, erosion



Writing and Conventions

 Adverbs that tell How