St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Jan. 17-22

Spelling: wristwatch, gnat, debt, autumn, folk, rhythm, known, sword, wrinkle, doubt, gnaw, listen, yolk, whole, aisle, knob, rhymes, science

Extra credit: corps, raspberry, solemn, whistling, castle, condemn, throughout, knowingly, knack, llama

Wed., Jan. 17: Reading text 288-305 and discuss causes to the Rev. War; Spelling test and pre-test; Worktime for Novel Project writing assignments

Thurs., Jan. 18: Re-read 288-305; Practice skimming and scanning for keywords; Correct spelling pre-test and study with partners; Editing personal reviews and summaries for Novel Project

Fri., Jan. 19: Test over text If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution; Novel Packet info due-check and meet with Mrs. Sabala; begin bringing in any extra arts/crafts/materials to create Tri-fold board Reading Book Fair Project on Monday

Mon., Jan. 22: Test over silent letter spelling list; Social Studies pgs. 200-207 and do #1-5 on pg. 207; Book Novel Projects


January 9-16

Spelling: throat, stress, swallow, flavor, clothing, stubborn, profit, clinic, boaken, blister, sparkle, startle, stumble, cruel, greedy, grandma, crowded, apron, sponges, starched


Tuesday, January 9: DARE-Lesson 1; Spelling pre-test; Re-read pg. 270 and explain at least 3 different figurative language examples

Wednesday, Jan. 10: SS-Balance transactions to deposit for a Market Day; Correct Spelling; Re-Read reading story The Night Journey; explain the Red Sea reference on page 257 (What is/are the Figurative language type(s) used and what does it actually mean?)

Thursday, Jan. 11: Reading assessment over The Night Journey; Review Spelling; Edit and revise for capitalization and punctuation errors on Reading test and also on Novel Packet writing

Friday, Jan. 12: SS and Reading- Market Day; Discuss and practice balancing transactions, deposits, checkwriting, tithing



Mrs. Lisa Sabala
5th Language Arts/Social Studies