St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

1A Weekly News 11/27 - 12/1

*Adoration: 12/1 @ 10:45



-We Believe: none this week

-Stewardship Lessons Monday - Friday

-3rd Joyful Mystery: The Nativity

-St. Elizabeth of Hungary 11/17   St. Cecilia 11/22

-Please have your child practice the Grace Before Meals prayer. We will be testing the students on Thursday, November 30.


Language Arts

Reading Block Theme: Christmas: 11/27 - 12/15

Reading Street: Unit 1: Animal Park                Spelling Test - 12/1/17

Comprehension: cause/effect

Amazing Words: desert, forest, world, chatter, silent, snort, medicine, poisonous

High-Frequency Words: home, into, many, them

Spelling Words: crust, must, trust, lump, bump, just, dusk, jump, dust, hunt

Phonics: short u

Writing and Conventions: exclamatory sentences

Speaking and Listening: give directions



Unit 4: Subtraction Strategies to 20

Essential Question: How do I use strategies to subtract numbers?   

-Unit Review and Fluency Practice

-Am I Ready?   Math Vocabulary   Math Foldable

-Lesson 1: count back 1, 2, or 3

 Math Stations will be on Fridays.


Social Science/Science

-Scholastic News: A Wampanoag's Day and A Pilgrim's Day   Skill: use visuals/map skills

-Social Studies: Economics