St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Newsletter for November 27-December 1

Newsletter for November 27-December 1


Math: Continue Chapter 6--Multiplication and Division Patterns          

Religion:    Chapter 12   God Calls Us to Holiness  

Vocabulary:  vocation, laypeople, vows

          Test: Friday, December 1

English: Adjectives

Handwriting: cursive, lowercase d, g     

Reading: "Roxaboxen"

          Vocabulary: ocotillo, blossomed, bordering, ford, decorated, traced

          Test: Friday, December 1

Social Studies/Science: Continue Fossils and Variation Among a Species   

Phonics/Spelling: Unit 3 Lesson 2

rowdy, allowance, lounge, grouchy, announce, overthrow, pronounce, homegrown, thousand, vowel, cloudy, drowsy, crowded, amount, undertow

          Test: Thursday, November 30

Newsletter for November 6-10

Newsletter for November 6-10


Math: Test over Chapter 5--Understanding Division---Thursday, November 9

          Friday,  Begin Chapter 6--Multiplication and Division Patterns   

Religion: The Church Prays

          Vocabulary: prayer, synagogue, liturgy, pilgrimages             

          Test: Thursday, November 9

English: Verbs --TEST on Tuesday, November 7          

Handwriting: lowercase, cursive   s, and j           

Reading: Picasso       

          Vocabulary: encouraged, style, controversial, monuments, originality, scenery

          Test: Thursday, November 17

Social Studies:  Local Government          

Phonics/Spelling: Unit 2 Lesson 5

cartoon, smooth, reduce, clue, salute, produce, costume, threw, jewel, coo, baboon, mildew, cashew, numeral, oozing

          Test: Thursday, November 9