St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Newsletter for January 22-26

Newsletter for January 22-26


Math: Begin Chapter 9:  Properties and Equations       

Religion: Finish  Chapter 16--Celebrating the Eucharist:  The Mass  & Study the Parts of the Mass

Vocabulary:  Passover, Eucharist, Mass, sacrifice, assembly   

          Test: Tuesday, January 23

English: Test over Capitalization, Commas, Quotation Marks on Monday, January 22--Begin Pronouns and Verbs

Handwriting: Cursive, lowercase x and y           

Reading: Finish Kids Did It! In Business- Test on Tuesday, January 23--- Begin  The Go-Around Dollar

          Vocabulary:  circulation, tender, formula, official, pyramid, emblem

          Test: Friday, January 25

Social Studies/Science: Economics                        

Phonics/Spelling: Unit 4 Lesson 2  -ful, --less    

thankful, delightful, thoughtful, beautiful, careful, endless, powerless, speechless, penniless, merciless, breathless, respectable, adorable, reality, creativity 

   Dictation Sentence:  The playful kitten toyed with the helpless mouse.      

Test:  Thursday, January 25

Newsletter for January 15-19

Newsletter for January 15-19


Math: Continue Chapter 8--Apply Multiplication and Division      

Test:  Friday, January 19   

Religion: Chapter 16-Celebrating the Eucharist and the Mass

          Vocabulary: Passover, Eucharist, Mass, sacrifice, assembly  

          Test: Friday, January 19

English: Begin Pronouns

Handwriting: lowercase, cursive v, x

Reading: Kids Did It-In Business

          Vocabulary: malfunction, profitable, merchandise, earnings, donates, charity

          Test: Friday, January 19

Social Studies/Science: Continue Economics Unit

Phonics/Spelling: Unit 4 Lesson 1  Suffixes y, ly

cloudy, noisy, directly, quickly, possibly, shady, easily, readily, bubbly, foggy, movement, development, expensive, enjoyment, selective

          Test: Thursday, January 18th