St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Newsletter for April 23-27

Newsletter for April 23-27


Math:     Scaled Picture Graphs 

Religion:  Chapter 24--The Church Is Worldwide

          Vocabulary:     Rite, 

          Test: Friday, April 27

English: Opinion Paragraph

Handwriting:     Cursive, Capital J, K        

Reading: "Heartland"

          Vocabulary: fertile, hues, converge, merge, vital, reigns

          Test: Friday, April 27

Social Studies/Science: Begin Landforms with Mrs. Ronck            

Phonics/Spelling: Unit 5 Lesson 5--- Prefixes and Suffixes

 octagon, century, semicircle, magnify, postpone, extraordinary, introduce, territory, freedom, friendship, dependent, glorious, appearance, excellence, apologize, customize, artist, childish

          Test: Thursday, April 26

Newsletter for April 16-20

Newsletter for April 16-20


Math: Continue Chapter 11--Measurement--Test on Thursday, April 19  

Religion:    The Church Respects All People

          Vocabulary:  covenant, ecumenism  

          Test: Friday, April 20

English:  Opinion Writing        

Handwriting:  Cursive, Capital J, K     

Reading: Cows In The Parlor

          Vocabulary:  graze, bales, silo, parlor, automatic, frisky

          Test: Friday, April 20

Social Studies/Science:  Finish Traits and Life Cycles with Mrs. Ronck--Begin Landforms with Mrs. Ronck 

Test:  Thursday, April 19

Phonics/Spelling:  Unit 5 Lesson 4--Words with the Same Base

relate, tolerate, distinct, manage, prepare, select, neglect, believe, related, tolerable, distinctive, mismanage, preselect, neglectful, disbelieve

Dictation Sentence:  Beth is preparing to make her selection.

          Test: Thursday, April 19