St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Nov. 13-17


Thursday, Nov. 16 - Virtual Snack Sale
Friday, Nov. 17th - Spirit Dress

No School next week!


Please see Mrs. Howey's page for information about reading, spelling, english, and handwriting. 



For the math website click
Homework can be started at school.  Not all students will have to do it at home, but it should be in the Bretches folder if you want to look over it.


Day Assignment

Finish Lesson 5.4
HW - 303/304


5.5 - Multi-Step Word Problems
HW- 309-310

Wednesday 5.6 - Make a Table
HW - 315/316
Thursday Ch. 5 Review
Friday Ch. 5 TEST



Prayer of the Month - The Ten Commandments (must be said in order by Dec. 19)

Ch. 10 - 2nd Commandment - This chapter is about the 2nd Commandment and how to follow it. (TEST on 11/17)

Mission of the week - Do you have a favorite psalm?  How about your parents?  Find a psalm that you like to pray.

4th grade attends Mass as a class on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Wednesday is an optional Mass day.



Social Studies and Science

Science:  We are learning about animal adaptations this week.

Social Studies: Ch. 4 - Northeast Region - We will be learning about the resources of the NE this week.