St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Week of January 17-19

Seems strange starting a new week on Wednesday, but so grateful that school was cancelled on Tuesday.  It was a blessing that everyone got to stay home, stay safe and stay warm. 

This week we are going to try to finish up with commas in English.  We will need to review and take a test--I think the test will be Tuesday of next week.  We should be ready by then.

In literature we will finish up with "The Ransom of Red Chief". Students will be working on setting and irony before their final project: A mini-book written from Red Chief's point of view with advice for children on how to survive a kidnapping in 5 easy steps.  This will be written in the same humorous vein as the short story itself. It will be based on some of the crazy things that Red Chief himself did to get his "captors" to return him to his parents.

For a short week, it will be a busy one!  Don't forget--class pictures are on Thursday!



Week of January 8-12


This week we will continue the work with commas that we started last week.  We are ready for Rules 5-12.  Hopefully we can finish the basics this week and move on to having some fun with commas before the test at the end of next week.


We will finish reading "The Ransom of Red Chief" on Monday.  The rest of the week will be spent "digging deeper" into the text to discuss characterizations, plot structure, point of view,  and irony.  Our culminating project will be a booklet based on Red Chief's experiences during his "kidnapping".

Agenda Items-January 3-5

Happy New Year!


Through discussion with the 8th graders and my own observations of what students are struggling with, we have discovered that the majority of them don't feel comfortable with (or know when to use) commas.  As a result, we are embarking on a 12-step comma unit which we are calling "Crazy for Commas!" I anticipate that this unit will take us 2-3 weeks to complete.  Students will be given a booklet with all of the comma rules they will need to know, practice exercises, in-class and homework assignments, as well as games and discussions.


We will begin to really delve into our literature books this semester.  We will begin by reading "The Ransom of Red Chief" by O. Henry.  We will be studying irony and characterization with this story of a young boy who is kidnapped and held for ransom--but the question becomes, "Who is the kidnapper and who really got kidnapped?" A fun tale to begin the new year!