St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

January 2018

January News

Welcome Back!!

Please be on watch for our class pets and students of the week.

Report cards come home the first week back. Please sign outer envelope, keep the report card, and return the empty envelope to school.

Please have a spare set of winter clothes in your child's backpack. We do paint a lot, and accidents do happen! Please save your fancy duds for home--we love getting messy!

We go outside if it is above 20 degrees. Send warm weather gear!

If your child has a summer birthday, please let me know if you would like to celebrate them this month with a treat! (half birthdays) July birthdays could bring something this month!

We will be working very hard on writing our first and last names with upper and lower case letters this new semester!

Show and Tell may be brought to school any day each week. It is optional.

Show and Tell Week for 4's/5's Pre-K

Wednesday, January 3- something that begins with the letter K

January 8- something that begins with the letter B

January 16 something that begins with the letter U that says /UH/

January 22- something that begins with the letter Z

January 29- something that begins with the letter C--hard sound like K

Show and Tell Week for  3's Preschool

January 8- signs of winter 

January 22- something with an American symbol on it

-Check the SEAS school website for important school news and dates-we follow SEAS school schedule. Snow days follow the school too!

Checklist for SEAS Kindergarten:

-Be on the look out for upcoming kindergarten screenings and Kindergarten parent meeting for next school year listed on the school and parish website. They are soon!!

-Stewardship packet turned into SEAS parish office ASAP (Hopefully you read last fall to be on top of this)

-Attend one parish (school family) stewardship meeting beginning of January--see parish website

-Continue to work on writing names, and practicing preschool report card objectives

 Themes for January:

Snow, penguins, bears, winter, American symbols

 Objectives for Learning:

Recognize/write first name, gross motor activities, addresses, birthdays, glue practice, pencil grip, scissor practice, alphabet, vowels/consonants, rhyming, Sign of the Cross, Angel of God, Grace Before Meals, Glory Be, ordinal numbers going up;, numbers 0-20, circle, square, triangle, star, rectangle, oval, rhombus, octagon, trapezoid, yellow, brown, purple, black, orange, green, white, blue, gray & red,  (prek-letters: K,B,U,Z,C)

Preschool enrollment for 2018-2019 begins between the end of January and beginning of February. Classes filled up last year, so please reserve a spot if you are thinking about SEAS preschool next year!

 New Year Blessings to you!

 Mrs. Brake