St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Week of January 15, 2018

Monday: No School

Tuesday:  Freeze Day


Religion:  read and discussed p. 144-145; Ch. 12 Test on Monday, 1/22

Social Studies: finished discussion of Sec. 2 guided notes; watched 20 minutes of Mother Teresa video; read p. 136-141


Religion: read and discussed p. 146-147 and the story of the 2 women fighting over the baby from the Bible; worked on King Solomon bible wksht. in class, finish for homework

Social Studies: worked on Sec. 3 guided notes in class, finish for homework; watched the next 20 min. of Mother Teresa video


Religion: read and discussed p. 148-149; moved our Ch. 12 Test to TUESDAY; discussed our upcoming nursing home trip, we need to think about it as doing a work of mercy and do our best in our practice and performance

Social Studies: continued watching Mother Teresa video; looked at photos Mrs. Lines took on her recent trip to India

Week of Jan. 8, 2018


Religion: read and discussed p. 136-137

Social Studies: Group work today! Click on this link to take you to the CIA World Factbook information about India.

Then with a partner, fill in the information on your worksheet.

Also, complete Ch. 5, Sec. 1 guided notes.


Religion: Watched Veggie Tales: "Dave and the Giant Pickle"

Social Studies: 6B and 6C complete the India Map; All classes reviewed and discussed Sec. 1 guided notes; Some were able to work on India fact sheet, this is due on Thursday


Religion: read and discussed p. 138-139; Ch. 11 Test on Friday

Social Studies: short class period today - discussed what students need to have to be able to work on Google Slides presentation for Career Cruising; discussed Vocations Day coming in March.


Religion: finished discussion of King David; watched Veggie Tales: King George and the Ducky; Ch. 11 Test tomorrow

Social Studies: read p. 130-135 together again; worked on Sec. 2 guided notes, they are due tomorrow; will discuss the India fact sheet tomorrow, be sure you have it complete!


Religion: took Ch. 11 Test

Social Studies: began discussion of Sec. 2 guided notes

Week of January 1, 2018

Monday and Tuesday - no school


Religion: We're learning about developing a Growth Mindsent. Today we read and discussed an article about how the brain grows as we challenge it. We also practiced our annotation skills while reading this article.

Social Studies:

We discussed improvements we needed to make to the articles about the pyramids that we wrote before Christmas break. Students are to make corrections and rewrite his/her paragraph. We also weighed our mummified apples to see how much water was removed in the process.


Religion: we read and discussed the story of Samuel's parents and his consecration to God in the Bible; we read and highlighted the main ideas on p. 132-133 in our text; complete Samuel Bible search

Social Studies

We didn't get our apple mummies finished yesterday, so we finished that today. Read p. 130-135 in your text.


Religion: 6C read and discussed p. 132-133; 6A/B read and discussed p. 134-135; we handed in the Samuel Bible Search.

Social Studies: began reading about the geography of India, p. 124; 6A has a map of India to finish. 6B/C will get the map on Tuesday.



Week of Dec. 18, 2017


Religion: took Ch. 10 Test; handed in Ruth wksht.

Social Studies: took Ch. 4 Test - it was open book and open notes!; handed in Ancient Egypt and Egyptian Trade Routes wkshts.


Religion:  read p. 126-127; complete Ruth wksht.; Ch. 10 Test tomorrow

Social Studies: Complete "Ancient Egypt" and "Egyptian Trade Routes" wkshts.; Ch. 4 Test tomorrow; guided notes here under "Documents"

Week of December 11, 2017


Religion: Ch. 10 Test on Tuesday

Social Studies: Ch. 4 Test on Tuesday; Ugh!!! I know, 2 tests on one day! I'll make this one easy for you, but you still need to do some studying this weekend!


Religion: read and discussed p. 124-125; read the Samson story from the Bible; Ch. 10 Test Tuesday

Social Studies: reviewed what we put on the graphic organizer for Documents D and E; worked on paragraph to answer the question, "Did slaves build the Great Pyramid at Giza?" Be sure to discuss evidence from at least two of the documents to support your claim. Due tomorrow; Ch. 4 Test Tuesday


Religion: Read and discussed p. 122-123; read Deborah story in the Bible; complete "Twelve Tribes of Israel" wksht.

Social Studies: complete analysis of Document D and E in Pyramid packet; graphic organizer should be complete


Religion: watched "Josh and the Big Wall" video; handed in Joshua Bible Search; Ch. 10 Test

Social Studies: Analyzed Documents A-C of our Pyramid Primary Documents packet, will continue work on it tomorrow


Religion: reviewed p. 120-121; complete Joshua Bible search; Ch. 10 Test next Tuesday

Social Studies: finished pyramid video; read Docs A & B in handout and answer questions

Week of December 4, 2017


Religion: Be sure to attend Mass for the Holy Day! From the Bible: today we read and discussed the story of Moses death and why he wasn't allowed to enter the Promised Land. Read and highlight p.120-121

Social Studies: discussed Pearl Harbor Day and Career Cruising instructions


Religion:  St. Nicholas Day video

Social Studies: study Ch. 4, Sec. 1 and 2 notes


Religion: Took Liturgical Year Quiz

Social Studies:  watched Pt. 1 of video about Pyramids; reviewed Sec. 2 guided notes


Religion: Liturgical Year Quiz tomorrow; use your graphic organizer for study, my notes are in the Documents section

Social Studies: reviewed Ch. 4 guided notes

Week of Nov. 27, 2017


Religion: worked on Liturgical Year graphic organizer; will finish in class on Monday; quiz on Tuesday

Social Studies: handed in Nile map; complete the map this weekend if not finished in class today; finish Ch. 4 guided notes, we will get to them on Monday!; if not done on Monday, you won't receive any credit


Religion: began working on reviewing the Liturgical calendar; working on a graphic organizer

Social Studies: worked on illustrated map of the Nile River and Delta; started mummifying apples; Ch. 4 guided notes are due completed tomorrow


Religion: took Ch. 9 Test

Social Studies: worked on illustrated map of the Nile River, due Friday; will work on it tomorrow along with working on an apple mummy project


Religion: Read and discussed p. 112-115; Ch. 9 Test tomorrow

Social Studies: have first 3 pages of your Ch. 4 study guide finished for tomorrow


Religion: reviewed our Commandment exercise; handed in Yahweh acrostic poem; worked on p. 111-118 in class; Ch. 9 Test on Wed.

Social Studies: discussed CNN10; worked on Ch. guided notes

Week of Nov. 13, 2017

Friday - Spirit Dress Day!


Religion: read p. 108-109; Ch. 9 Test on Friday

Social Studies: Ch. 3 Test tomorrow; worked on typing essay in lab today; essay due Wednesday


Religion: Fr. Zach visited today; had class meeting with 6C and 6A; read p. 110-111 and highlight main ideas; Ch. 9 Test on Friday

Social Studies: took Ch. 3 Test; essay due tomorrow


Religion: discussed p. 108-111; Ch. 9 Test postposed until after break

Social Studies: checked to make sure everyone's essay was submitted correctly; had to fix a few glitches; started reading Ch. 4 Egypt.


Religion: worked on timeline of events for Exodus:16, 24 with a partner in class

Social Studies: began working on an overview of Ch. 4 (Egypt); students worked on guided notes packet for the entire chapter - Due at the end of class on Monday, 11/27


Religion: worked on writing the 10 Commandments in positive language; worked on a YAHWEH acrostic poem - will work on them more after break - do not lose them!

Social Studies: worked on Ch. 4 guided notes - they are NOT homework; we will continue working on them when we return from break


Week of Nov. 6, 2017

Monday (sorry I was at a conference Monday and forgot to update this)

Rel: read p. 100-101 in class; worked on p. 104-105 together; complete "Moses: God's Intimate Friend" Bible search, if not finished in class

SS: handed in Ch. 3, Sec. 4 guided notes; read "The Code of Hammurabi" article and answer attached questions (if not finished in class, complete for homework)


Rel: read p. 102-103 together and discussed; complete p. 106; handed in Moses wksht.; Ch. 8 Test on Thursday

SS: discussed the Code of Hammurabi; handed back essay graphic organizers; completed graphic organizer is due on Friday


Religion: handed in p. 106; Ch. 8 Test tomorrow

Social Studies: worked on essay in Computer lab today; completed Graphic Organizer due Friday; typed essay due next Wednesday; Ch. 3 Test next Tuesday


Religion: took Ch. 8 Test

Social Studies: Graphic Organizer is due completed tomorrow; typed essay is due next Wed.; Ch. 3 Test is next Tuesday; worked on review of Sec. 4 notes today


Religion: none

Social Studies: complete "Permanent Cities" wksht.; handed in completed essay graphic organizer; typed essay due next Wednesday; Ch. 3 Test in next Tuesday

Week of Oct. 30, 2017

Tomorrow (Tuesday)!

  • Red shirt and jeans day
  • Halloween parties at 2:45 pm
  • Stuff the Truck!


Religion: watch Moses video; complete "Moses: Called and Sent by God" Bible search wksht.

Social Studies: worked on essay research in Computer Lab; Introduction and first paragraph graphic organizer due on Thursday


Social Studies: worked on research and writing in Compute Lab; Introduction and first paragraph graphic organizer due on Thursday

Religion: watched some of Moses video

Wednesday - no school


Religion: finished Moses video

Social Studies: handed in Essay Graphic Organizer; finish Ch. 3 Sec. 4 guided notes

Friday - no school

Week of Oct. 23, 2017

Wed: Picture Retake Day - must return your picture packet at time of retakes

Thurs: Dress as Your Future Career Day

Fri: Spirit Dress Day; Pep Rally at 2:30 pm


Religion: Safe Environment Lesson - we discussed internet safety

Social Studies: Study Sec. 1 and 2


Religion: read and discussed p. 96-97

Social Studies: discussed and reviewed Sec. 3 notes and handed them in; Assign: read p. 72-77


Religion: read story of Moses' birth, p. 98 and Exodus 1:8-2:10

Social Studies: discussed History Essay Contest assignment and gave students handout with the details; do pg. 1 of Ch 3 Sec 4 guided notes


Religion: talked about Red Ribbon week and their future career costumes

Social Studies: worked on research for our history essay assignment; details of the assignment are in the Document section to the left


Religion: used time for research in Social Studies

Social Studies: Yesterday made me realize that we needed to back up and learn how to read a website and gather information from it. Today I presented the story of St. Andre Bessette of Montreal, Quebec. We read a website about him and I showed them my notes of this article. Then we read a website about St. Joseph's Oratory; the shrine built by St. Andre and dedicated to St. Joseph. I showed them my notes about that. They then worked on writing a paragraph about St. Joseph's Oratory and why they would like to visit it. We used Google Classroom to write the paragraph. Some finished in class, it's due on Monday. They can work on it at home, or use Monday's research time to finish.

Week of Oct. 16, 2017


Religion: watched Part 1 of Joseph video; complete "The Story of Joseph" Bible worksheet; Ch. 5 Quiz on Thursday

Social Studies: finished Sec. 1 discussion; reviewed with Quiz-Quiz-Trade; read sec. 2, p. 60-64; Study Sec. 1


Religion: watched Part 2 of Joseph video; complete "The Story of Joseph, Part 2" Bible worksheet; Confessions today and Fr. Dugan visited class for a lesson.

Social Studies: complete Ch. 3 Section 2 guided notes - pg. 1 only (this means the front side only)


Return signed bottom portion of report card; bring $ for Virtual Snack Sale tomorrow.

Religion: finished Joseph video; complete "The Story of Joseph, Part 3" Bible worksheet; Ch. 5 Test tomorrow

Social Studies: discussed p. 1 of Sec. 2 notes; complete p. 2 of Sec. 2 notes; study Sec. 1 and 2 notes and text


Religion: took Ch. 5 Test

Social Studies: those in 6C who haven't finished Sec. 2 guided notes need to do that tonight; 6A/B finished discussion of those notes; read Sec. 3, p. 65-69; Study Sec. 1-2; complete "Fertile Crescent" worksheet


Religion: complete p. 91-92

Social Studies: complete Sec. 3 notes; handed in Sec. 2 notes and "Fertile Crescent" wksht.

Week of Oct. 9, 2017

***Diocesan Music Assessment over Rhythm and Melody will be on Thursday, October 12***

Also, please check the instructions for the Music writing assignment.

See Mrs. DeGraffenreid's page for more information

"2nd Sats" is coming up and 6th graders are invited to attend:


Saturday, October 14th, 6:30-8:30PM, Youth Group room under the gym


Food: Chick-fil-A Nuggets, bring a snack, dessert, or drink


Topic: Be Not Afraid, Become a Saint!


Game: Gaga ball/Dodge ball


Religion: read Jacob and Rachel's story from the Bible; complete the Bible wksht. "A Bible Search for a Famous Father and His Sons"; Friday is a special Fatima day - we'll be watching the movie "The Miracle of Fatima". Students may bring a snack and water as a special movie treat.

Social Studies: Took Ch. 2 Test; read p. 54-59 tonight


Religion: continued with the Jacob story from the Bible

Social Studies: began our study of Mespotamia; complete the Sec. 1 guided notes you worked on in class today


Religion: study Ch. 5

Social Studies: study notes on Mesopotamia that we have covered so far (Sec. 1)

Week of Oct. 2, 2017

Conferences are this week in Mother Seton Hall. There are no sign-ups for 6th grade; just come in and see us when you can. Please be sure to at least see your child's homeroom teacher; you are welcome to visit with all the teachers.

Tuesday:  4:30 pm-7:30 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am-12:50 pm AND 4:30 pm-7:30 pm



Religion: finished watching "The Bible" segment about Abraham

Social Studies: 6C completed notes for Sec. 2, read p. 40-43; 6A/6B: read p. 40-43 and worked on notes in class; Ch. 2 test will be Tuesday, 10/10


Religion: read p. 72-73; also read story of Jacob and Esau from the Bible; you may bring your own Rosary to use when we pray the Living Rosary tomorrow at 10:00

Social Studies: Ch. 2 Test next Tues; watched first part of the Iceman video


Religion: watched Veggie Tales "Abe and the Amazing Promise"; made spiritual bouquet cards for Sr. Cora Marie

Social Studies: finished watching the Iceman video, completed video worksheet and handed it in; CH. 2 TEST NEXT TUESDAY!

Week of September 25, 2107

***Diocesan Music Assessment over Rhythm and Melody will be on Thursday, October 12***

See Mrs. DeGraffenreid's page for more information 


Religion: read p. 68-69; answered question that were on the board. If you didn't finish the questions, look for them in the Documents section

Social Studies: finish reading Sec. 1, p. 28-34


Religion: read and took notes over p. 68-69

Social Studies: took notes beginning on p. 28


Religion: began reading the Abraham story from the Bible; will finish tomorrow

Social Studies: continued Ch. 2, Sec. 1 notes; will complete tomorrow


Religion: finished reading Abraham story in the Bible; complete "Bible Search for a Famous Couple" worksheet

Social Studies: 6C: write definitions for words in your notes; 6A/B read p. 36-39


Religion: watched "The Bible" dvd episode about Abraham

Social Studies: 6C - read p. 36-39; 6A/B - took notes over p. 36-39

Week of September 18, 2017

Thursday is Picture Day!


Religion: read p. 56-57; completed questions and definitions in Religion spiral; if you don't have those complete, see the Documents section for Rel Ch 4 p. 56-57; Ch. 4 Quiz on Friday

Social Studies: completed Artifact Activity, except for 6B, who had to complete their MAP Reading test during SS time; 6B needs to complete the questions for Ch. 1 Sec. 2 (will do Artifact Activity tomorrow); Ch. 2 Test on Thursday


Religion: read and discussed the Cain and Abel story in the Bible and the book, p. 58-59; wrote notes about it in our notebook; Ch. 4 Quiz on Friday

Social Studies: 6B should have Ch 1, Sec 2 notes complete for tomorrow; 6A/C should have Ch 1 Sec 2 notes #1-8 complete for tomorrow; Ch. 1 Test on Thursday


Religion: read and discussed Noah story, p. 60-61; Ch. 4 Test on Friday

Social Studies: discussed Sec. 2 notes; Ch. 1 Test tomorrow


Religion: read and discussed the Tower of Babel story, p. 62-63; Ch. 4 Test tomorrow

Social Studies: took Ch. 1 Test


Week of September 11, 2017


6C Art Alert: we need parent volunteers for Art beginning this week. Please consider signing up for just one time this year. A Sign-up Genius was sent for it earlier. Thanks!

Thursday is Spirit Dress Day and Snack Sale. Sixth grade is responsible for snacks this time, please check your email for a note about it. 

Religion:  continued review of the Works of Mercy; read and discussed p. 44-45; finish assembling flash cards for Ch. 3; Ch. 3 Quiz on Friday; you can use the digital flashcards for review - here's the link:        

Social Studies: complete Hurricane Katrina tracking map; complete making 10 flashcards from p. 4 in text
Religion: read and discussed p. 46-47; complete p. 47 and 53; Ch. 3 Quiz on Friday
Social Studies: read and took notes p. 6-7; study what we covered today and your flashcards
Religion: read and discussed p. 48; study, Ch. 3 Test on Friday
Social Studies: Read and discussed p. 7-9; be sure you have questions 1-8 completed in your notebook for tomorrow; if you didn't get all the questions copied in your notebook, I have attached a document here with them.
Religion: read and discussed p. 50-51; do p. 54; Ch. 3 Test tomorrow
Social Studies: read p. 10-11; complete questions 9-12; if you didn't get the questions copied down during class, they are in the Documents section on the left title "SS Ch 1 Sec 1 questions"


Religion: took Ch. 3 Test

Social Studies: 6A did the whole Artifact Analysis lesson, finish your write-up if you didn't finish in class, the form with the questions is in the Documents section; 6C didn't have time to start the lesson and will do it on Monday; 6B got started and will finish on Monday




Week of September 4, 2017

Monday - Labor Day - no school


Religion: read and discussed p. 38-39; complete p. 40; Ch. 2 Quiz on Friday

Social Studies: learned about hurricane formation; reviewed Caribbean Map for quiz on Thursday

  • Parent Walk Through tonight - starts at 6:00 pm
  • Picture day information went home today


Religion: watched video clip from "The Bible" dvd; worked on review of the Corporal Works of Mercy; we'll continue review tomorrow and also do the Spiritual Works of Mercy' Ch. 2 Quiz on Friday

Social Studies: practiced our mental mapping skills outside today by drawing the map from memory with sidewalk chalk on the parking lot; Caribbean Sea Map Quiz is tomorrow


Religion: checked p. 41; do p. 42; Ch. 2 quiz tomorrow; went to funeral today

Social Studies:  took Caribbean Map Quiz today; watched hurricane updates


Religion: took Ch. 2 Test

Social Studies: learned more about hurricanes; watched hurricane updates


Week of August 28, 2017


Religion: took Ch. 1 Quiz; worked on memorizing the books of the Old Testament

Social Studies: reviewed map reading skills; 6B redid last Friday's map assignment on latitude and longitude (there were quite a few mistakes, so we needed to go back and start again); 6A/C they are to complete the Latitude/Longitude map wksht. (first time for them, and hopefully the first time is good!)


Religion: read and discussed p. 32-33; students should be reviewing this material at home.

Social Studies: complete "Caribbean Map" wksht.


Religion: read and discussed p. 34-35; complete "Creation" Bible worksheet (you will need your Bible for this)

Social Studies: worked on mental mapping of the Caribbean Sea area; we're going to be able to draw and label the Caribbean Map we completed yesterday.


No homework for today.


Religion: read and discussed p. 36-37

Social Studies: none

Week of August 21, 2017


Talked a lot about the eclipse today and viewed it; started Social Studies vocabulary for p. H3-H27.


Religion: read and discussed p. 20-21 in class; study those pages

Social Studies: discussed p. H3-5 (6B went a little farther); wrote definitions to vocab words; review what we studied to day in class


Religion: read and discussed p. 22-23; Ch. 1 Quiz on Monday

Social Studies: 6A/6C discussed information p. H5-H13, and completed vocabulary for those pages; 6B completed through p. H19, covered the information about maps and completed Vocabulary


Religion: read and discussed p. 24-25; began memorizing Old Testament books; complete "Pentateuch Trivia" worksheet

Social Studies: finished discussion of maps; some played a Latitude/Longitude game, those who didn't will play tomorrow


Religion: read and discussed p. 26-27; continued memorizing Old Testament books; Ch. 1 Test on Monday - take book home to study!

Social Studies: 6A/C continued work on map Vocab; 6A played map treasure hunt with latitude and longitude; 6B worked on World Latitude and Longitude Map Activity in class, if not complete, finish this weekend and will hand in on Monday.

Starting a new adventure!


  • return eclipse permission slips
  • wrote goals
  • more procedures!
  • selected prayer partners

Wednesday, 8/16/17

We spent the day getting organized and going over procedures. Students have a note about S.T.E.M. and one about the eclipse to share with parents.

Tuesday, 8/15/17

It was good to see all of you at Open House. I'm ready to start a new school year adventure on Wednesday! This is the place to go to see announcements, daily assignments and any other information you need to know about our class. I can't wait to see you again, I have lots of things to tell you, and lots of things for you to learn!

Mrs. Squires

Mrs. Elaine Squires
6th Religion/Social Studies