St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS


“The future starts today, not tomorrow.”

                                                                            Pope John Paul II   




Students have the study guide for the Diocesan Religion Assessment (DRA).  They should spend 10-15 minutes each evening reviewing the information.

Thursday, April 26th--Spirit Dress, 4A & B Reading MAP testing

Friday, April 28th--4A & B Reading MAP Testing

4th graders are expected to take a minimum of 4 AR tests that are in their reading levels, scoring 90% or higher, by the end of this quarter. Start early!  



March/April Memorization Prayer: The The Stations of the Cross due Friday, April 27th.

Mission: Don’t wait to be asked to help someone in need.

Lesson: Family Life--Unit 5 Review and Book Review, Chapter 25, We Are the Church

Vocabulary: parish, pastor, diocese, bishops, pope

Wednesday Homework: none

TEST: Wednesday, May 2nd



Story:  “Arctic Explorer: The Story of Matthew Henson”

Skills: main idea and details, drawing conclusions, story element setting, maps

Vocabulary: expedition, arctic, glaciers, constellation, insulation

TEST:  Friday, April 20th


Skill: Doubling Final Consonants

WORDS: dragged, dripped, starred, thinned, knotted, quitting, snapping, scarring, knitting, plugged, tugged, mopping,ripping, chopped,hissed,shopping, sobbing, clapping, petting, begging

SENTENCE: The girl tugged on her dad’s shirt as she sobbed and begged for another chance.

TEST: Thursday  4/26



Skills: Principal Verb Parts (present, present participle, past, past participle), Using forms of Begin (Begin, Beginning, Began, Begun), Using Forms of Know (Know, Knowing, Knew, Known)


You may read your child’s Mercypalooza letter by having him/her open it in his/her Google Docs. I am proofreading them over the weekend and will mail the letters after they have been corrected. Students will send the letters to two different households (grandparents, godparents, family friends,...), so they will need 2 stamped and addressed envelopes.