St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

1B Newsletter November 13-17

Thursday 11/16 - Virtual Snack Sale

Friday 11/17 - Spirit Dress

Thanksgiving Break - 11/20  -11/24


Chapter 5: Jesus teaches about love

Bible Stories:  God's Promise to Abram, Promise renewed to Jacob

Rosary:  Second Joyful Mystery - The Visitation

Saints:  11/13 - St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, 11/22 - St. Cecilia

Prayer:  Grace After Meals Due November 29

Language Arts

Spelling test - test Nov. 17

Story of the week: Get The Egg!

Comprehension: main idea and details

Oral Vocabulary: habitat, survive, croak, hatch, chirp, moist

High-Frequency Words: saw, small, tree, your

Phonics: short e

Spelling:  men, ten, jet, bed, net, sled, step, leg, wet, saw, your

Writing and Conventions: personal narrative

Speaking and Listening: give descriptions



Chapter 3: Addition Strategies to 20

Lesson 6:  problem solving - Act it out

Lesson 7: make 10 to add

Lesson 8: add in any order

Lesson 9: add three numbers


Science and Social Science

Scholastic News: A Wampanoag's Day and A Pligrim's Day 

Social Studies: Stone Soup