St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

1B Newsletter April 16-20


Library on Thursday.


Chapter 17  - The Church Welcomes New Members

Rosary: 1st Sorrowful Mystery - The Scourging at the Pillar

Bible Story - The Ten Commandments

Saints - 4/16 - St. Bernadette, 4/17 - St. Kateri Tekawitha

April Prayer - Hail Mary due May 3


Language Arts

Spelling test - Friday 4/20

Story of the week: Peter's Chair

Comprehension: theme, story structure

Vocabulary: jealous, sibling, porridge, seriousness, relatives, secret, collector, flourish

High-Frequency Words: picture, remember, room, stood, thought

Phonics: digraphs: eu, ew, ui and compound words

Spelling: backpack, herself, lunchbox, brainstorm, outside, flashlight, suitcase, baseball, bluebird, inside (optional words:  picture, remember)

Writing and Conventions: adjectives for how many, articles, writing a thank you note

Speaking and Listening: share information and ideas



Chapter 8: Measurement and Time

Lesson 4 - problem solving: guess, check and revise

Check My Progress

Lesson 5 - time to the hour: analog

Lesson 6 - time to the hour: digital

Science and Social Science

Scholastic News: Many Pieces, One Earth

Science - Insects; Earth Day; and Solids, liquids, and Gases