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3A Newsletter 33

3A Newsletter- Week 33: April 23rd – April 27th

Dear Parents, The Children will be taking the MAP Reading Test April 24 and 25th. Be sure your child gets plenty of rest and good nutrition! 3A Mass is Wednesday the 25th. Please have your child continue to practice the math facts for memorization each evening. I appreciate your help:) I am Blessed to be a part of your child's learning experiences. In working together we will have a successful school year. Love and Prayers, Mrs. Ronck

Chapter 24  "The Church is Worldwide" The Catholic Church is all over the world; Catholics share the same faith; Catholics celebrate their faith in different ways; We are the light of the world.

Key Words: Rite: Latin or Roman Rite; Eastern Rite

Fun Website to study Chapters in our Religion Book-Check it out!!!


Chapter 13 Unit: Perimeter and Area: Lesson 6: Area of Rectangles; Lesson 7: Area and the Distributive Property; Lesson 8: Area of Composite Figures; Check My Progress; Lesson 9: Area and Perimeter

Vocabulary: area, composite figure, formula, perimeter, square unit, unit square

Vocabulary Review: 
array, Commutative Property of Multiplication, combination, multiplication sentence, equal groups, factors, multiply, product, the four step plan, reasonable answers, tree diagram, digit, expanded form, place value, round, standard form, word form, Associative Property of Addition, bar diagram, Commutative Property of Addition, estimate, Identity Property of Addition, parentheses, pattern, mental math, reasonable, regroup, unknown, Subtraction, difference, subtract, regroup, divide, multiples, dividend, divisor, quotient, inverse operations, Idenity Property of Multiplication, Zero Property of Multiplication, Associative Property of Multiplication, Distributive Property, equation, evaluate, expression,  operations, variable, denominator, equivalent fractions, numerator, unit fraction, (>) is greataer than, (<) is less than, (=) is equal to, analog clock, capacity, digital clock, gram (g) kilogram (kg), liquid volume, liter (L), mass, metric unit, milliliter (mL), time interval, unit, analyze, bar graph, data, frequency table, half inch, interpret, key, line plot, pictograph, picture graph, quarter inch, scale, survey, tally chart, tally marks


Unit 12: The Writing Process: Step 2: Write a First Draft; Step 3: Revise; Step 4: Proofread;
Multisensory Grammar Color Coding: yellow for nouns, orange for verbs, red for articles: (noun markers: a, an, the, am); blue for adjectives, purple for adverbs, brown for conjunctions  Unit 9: Abbreviations, Book Titles, Poems;  Abbreviations: for addresses: St., Pl., Blvd., Rd., Dr., Ave., Apt., Ln., W., N.,  Pkwy., Abbreviations: for units of measure: ft., in., oz., sec., qt., gal., min., pt., mi., lb.,  yd., Personal Titles and Initials: Mr., Dr., Capt., Gov., Rev., Mrs., Ms.


Unit 6: Theme: "Country Life Lesson 1: "Heartland Poetry" Skill: Fact and Opinion: A fact is a statement that can be proven true. An opinion is a statement that cannot be proven true.

Vocabulary: fertile, hues, converge, merge, vital, reigns


Science/Social Studies:    
Unit:"Economics" 3A to Mrs. Capps 


Spelling/Phonics:                                                                                                                                                                                                          Unit 5 Lesson 5: Prefixes and Suffixes: Skill: Prefixes: octa-, cent-, semi-, magni-;  A prefix is a word part added to the beginning of a base word or root. Suffixes: -dom, -ship, -ent, -ous; A suffix is a word part added to the end of a base word or root.

List Wordsoctagon, century, semicircle, magnify, postpone, extraordinary, introduce, territory, freedom, friendship, dependent, glorious, appearance, excellence, apologize, customize, artist, childish             

 Words to Know: reverence, Scripture


Strokes: Cursive Capital Letters V and W


Upcoming Tests: 
4/23/18  Spelling Pretest;  4/24/18  MAP Reading Test;  4/25/18 MAP Reading Test;  4/27/18  Religion, Spelling, Reading Tests 


Special Events:   4/2318 Seussical Musical @ 1:30 pm;  4/26/18 Spirit Dress                                                                                                                               


Library BooksDue Tuesday

Scholastic Reading Club Orders: April 27th/Friday