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3A Newsletter 21

3A Newsletter- Week 21: January 22nd– 26th

Dear Parents, Please continue to have your chilid practice the Math Facts (+, -, x, /) for memorization each evening. They really need this practice.  I appreciate your help:) I am Blessed to be a part of your child's learning experiences. In working together we will have a successful school year. Love and Prayers, Mrs. Ronck

Chapter 16 Test;  "The Mass": Mass Flip Book: Parts of the Mass

Key Words:

Fun Website to study Chapters in our Religion Book-Check it out!!!


Chapter 8: Theme: Apply Multiplication and Division: Chapter 8 Test; Chapter 9: Properties and Equations: Launch the Chapter, Am I Ready, My Math Vocabulary; Lesson 1: Take Apart to Multiply; Lesson 2: The Distributive Property; Lesson 3: Multiply Three Factors; Lesson 4: The Associative Property 

Vocabulary: patterns, skip counting, inverse operations, related facts, decompose, extra or missing information, tables, models; Distributive Property, Associative Pdroperty of Multiplication, operations expression, evaluate, variable, equation

Vocabulary Review: array, Commutative Property of Multiplication, combination, multiplication sentence, equal groups, factors, multiply, product, the four step plan, reasonable answers, tree diagram, digit, expanded form, place value, round, standard form, word form, Associative Property of Addition, bar diagram, Commutative Property of Addition, estimate, Identity Property of Addition, parentheses, pattern, mental math, reasonable, regroup, unknown, Subtraction, difference, subtract, regroup, divide, multiples, dividend, divisor, quotient, inverse operations, Idenity Property of Multiplication, Zero Property of Multiplication


Unit 11 Pronouns: Subject Pronouns; Pronouns and Verbs; Object Pronouns

Multisensory Grammar Color Coding: yellow for nouns, orange for verbs, red for articles:(noun markers: a, an, the, am); blue for adjectives, purple for adverbs, brown for conjunctions


Unit 3: Theme: "Money"  Lesson 5: Story: "The Go Around Dollar"  Skill: Sequence; Expository Text; Realistic Fiction, Nonfiction and Fiction

Vocabulary: circulation, tender, formula, official, pyramid


Science/Social Studies:
Unit 3: Chapter 5: Communities, Climates, and Regions; Natural Resources; Recycle; Continents, Oceans

Vocabulary: region, physical environment, climate, landform, ecosystem, adapt, adobe, natural resource, mineral, fuel, conserve, recycle


Unit 4 Lesson 2: Suffixes: -ly, -less: full of, in a way; without

List Words: thankful, delightful, thoughtful, beautiful, careful, endless, powerless, speechless, penniless, merciless, breathless, respectable, adorable, reality, creativity

Words to Know: Mass, sacrifice, Passover


Strokes: cursive capital letter G and H


Upcoming Tests: 
 Math Test;  1/23/18  Social Studies, Reading Test;   1/25/18 Spelling Test;  


Special Events: 
1/23/18 - 3A Mass 

Library BooksDue Tuesday

Scholastic Reading Club Orders: Due 30th