St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Week of April 16-20


  • Religion Sacrament of Holy Orders  HW: focus your study on Sacraments of Intiation--test over study guide 1-14 and Intiation Sacraments FRiday!!!
  • Math Coordinate Plane Review and Application p. 532-535  HW: p. 535-6
  • Science no class


  • Math Order of Operations p. 488-490  HW: p. 491-2
  • DARE 
  • Religion reviewed Sacraments of Initiation Game


  • Math Assessment practice 
  • Religion Sacrament of Matrimony p. 274-275  Hw: study for test
  • Science Vocabulary Chart  


  • Math Assessment/Practice HW: none
  • Religion Test 1 tomorrow--covers Study Guide 1-14 and Initiation Sacraments HW: Study
  • Science Close REading strategy for Xylem & Phloem Get Things Moving  HW: none


  • Math Assessment
  • Religion Test 1 today HW: study for test 2-which covers 15-24 of the study guide and sacraments of healing and vocation (service)
  • Science Xylem and Phloem: Get things moving Article HW: worksheet

Week of April 9-13th


  • Religion Annointing of the Sick HW: study for pretest Thursday over all curriculum
  • Math Multiplicating Fractions (with and without whole numbers)  HW: p. 729-730, 743-4
  • Plant Lab C --Set up and draw models in lab booklet


  • Religion HW: review notes in notebook, focus on Mysteries, Parts of the Mass, Sacraments
  • Math Multiplying Mixed Numbers p. 745-748 HW; p. 749-750
  • Science Complete Lab C , Start Lab D


  • Religion HW: study for end of the year pre test!
  • Math Multiplication as Scaling  HW: p. 751-756
  • Science  Complete Plant Lab D HW: finish Lab sheet C and D in booklet


  • Religion took Pre test
  • Math Volume of Prisms  HW: p. 964-5
  • Science finish Lab B in booklet


  • Religion  Reviewing for DRT  HW: study for Quiz #1 (#1-14, and Sacraments of Intiation) will be 4-20-18
  • Math Volume of Composite Figures p. 969  HW: p. 971-972
  • Science Where do plants get material for growth? Photosynthesis Lab sheet HW: none

Week of April 3-April 6

Have a blessed and holy Easter!

Easter Monday No School 


  • Religon  Parable of the Prodigal of the Son read p. 204-205 HW: p. 205
  • Math Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers p. 679, 686  HW: p. 681-2, 687-8
  • Science Water Cycle Model discussions  Hw: revise questions


  • Religion Sacrament of Reconciliation  read p. 214-215, completed Sacrament Chart in notebook
  • Math Subtraction with renaming p 689-692  HW: p. 693-4
  • Science  Plant Labs A and B in booklet


  • Religion more on Reconciliation HW: study religion notebook notes for DRT review
  • Math Chapter review p. 695-697 HW: FINISH REVIEW
  • Science  Plant Lab Set ups


  • Science Plant Lab A Models/Research  HW: none, lab sheet due end of class Monday
  • Math Measurements on a Line Plot  p. 845-848, HW: 849-850Did You Know???
  • St. Padre Pio relics coming to the Diocese! Friday, April 13th Mark your calendar to attend events. The students were blessed to have a special presentation by Mrs. Sandy Rongish who is a guardian of many relics, on Holy Thursday. She shared with us many interesting stories and facts about the saints. This would be a great way for the family to learn more about St. Pio and his relics that bring many benefits. 


Holy Week! March 26-30th


  • Religion Triduum  HW: study lenten notecards and flipchart, test Thursday!
  • Math Adding & Subtracting Like Fractions  HW: p. 623-4, 629-630


  • Religion HW: study for Lenten test: use cards AND flipchart!!
  • Math Adding Unlike FRactions p. 637-640  HW: p. 641-2
  • Science Hydrological Cycle (Water Cycle)  HW: none, sentences have been cancelled :)


  • Religion Lenten Test tomorrow, STUDY!
  • Math Subtracting unlike fractions  p. 651-654 HW: p. 655-6
  • Science The Water Cycle Bugaloo (chant we learned) HW: a revised model of your groups closed system that includes vocabulary terms

Holy Thursday Noon Dismissal

  • Lent test
  • Math EXTRA CREDIT (optional) due Tuesday p. 643-4
  • Science Discussion Questions written in notebook, notebook collected for grading.

Good Friday No School


Week of March 12-14


  • Religion Our Father p. 182-184  HW worksheet 12a, Lenten Season test Thursday March 29th!
  • Math  Chapter 8 test Wednesday  HW: p. 601-603
  • Science Water Cycle  HW: no homework, assessments Tuesday and Wednesday!


  • Religion Lenten Season HW: study notecards or flipchart in notebook
  • Math Jeopardy Review 
  • Science Assessment Part I


  • Lenten Season test will be Thursday, March 29  HW: study for test--notecards or flipcharts
  • Math Chapter 8 test
  • Science Assessment PartII

Thursday No School Spring Conferences

Friday Spring Break Begins --Enjoy your time off!!!

Week of March 5-9th


  • Religion Chapter 12 Prayer  HW: find 2 examples of each type of prayer in agenda blue pages
  • Math Least Common Multiple p. 577-580  HW: 579-580 evens only
  • Science Aquatic Biomes Expert Groups research  HW: none


  • Religion Chapter 12 Prayer HW: same as MOnday
  • Math more practice finding LCM HW: p. 581-2
  • Science Research Abiotic factors of your Biome  


  1. Math Comparing Fractions p. 583-586   HW: p. 587-588, please show equivalent fractions
  2. Science Jigsaw Groups today--information shared in class  HW: Is plankton flora or fauna?? research


  • Chapter 12 Prayer  HW: p. 181 Activity
  • Math Fractions as Decimals using Models HW: p. 593-4  Chapter 8 test Wednesday
  • Jigsaw Groups HW: Level of Organization worksheet

Week of February 26- March 2nd


  • Religion Concluding Rites  HW: study for random(from any part) order of the Mass quiz Friday
  • Math more practice with Greatest Common Factor  HW: p. 561-2
  • Science  Ecosystems read p. 250-1  HW: answer worksheet questions


  • Religion   Father Kyle visited HW:Study for Mass Order quiz
  • Math  Simplest Form p. 563-6  HW: p. 567-8
  • Science  Lesson 4 Vocabulary (9words)  HW: Vocab chart/sentences in notebook


  • Religion  Study!!!!
  • Math Guess, Check, Revise p. 570-572  HW: 573-574
  • Science  Notebook turn in HW: Vocabulary Check up Worksheet


  • Religion test tomorrow study!
  • Math Guess, Check, Revise practice  HW:  Worksheet
  • Science Aquatic Biomes research  HW: none


  • Religion Adoration and Quiz
  • Math Checking Progress 575-6(in class)  HW: none
  • Science Aquatic Biomes research  HW: none

Week of February 19-23rd

Monday Presidents' Day No School

Tuesday No School --Inclement Weather


  • Religion Liturgy of The Eucharist Test Friday! HW Study descriptions and order for test, vocation poster due Friday
  • Math Fractions as division p. 551-554  HW: p. 555-556
  • Science  Ecosystem Vocab Chart (work on in class)  HW: get test signed due Friday

Thursday No School--Inclement Weather


  • Religion took Liturgy of the Eucharist test
  • Math Greatest Common Factor p. 557-8  HW:p. 559-560
  • Science Abiotic and Biotic factors  p. 248-9  HW: p. 249 so Activity

Week of February 12-16


  • Religion  Chapter 10 Eucharist  HW: study parts and order of Liturgy of the Eucharist
  • Math  Decimal Review  HW: p. 467 and worksheet, test Friday
  • Science Key Concepts from video (in notes) and complete Lab sheet 3 in groups  HW: none


  • Religion the Holy Eucharist p. 159-160  HW: worksheet 10b
  • Math Decimal Review  HW: p. 468-469, test Friday
  • No Science DARE class and Valentine Parties!!!

Ash Wednesday

  • Religion Mass and Stations  HW: none
  • Math Decimal Review HW: worksheet 52 Odds only, test will be Friday
  • Science  Ecosystem Vocab Chart  HW: none


  • Religion Liturgy of the Eucharist  HW: study parts and order of the Liturgy of the Eucharist, test WED.
  • Retake for the order Introductory Rites and Liturgy of the Word will be Monday!
  • Math  took Interim Assessment  HW: practice skills for Chapter 6 test
  • Science none for 5B, 5A finished video and notes Science Court Living Things, completed Lab Sheet 3 in class  HW: none


  • Religion  Made study cards to practice order  HW: test Thursday Liturgy of The Eucharist, retake for Introductory Rites and Liturgy of the Word on Tuesday!
  • Math took Chapter 6 test
  • Science Vocabulary Chart (seatwork)  HW: none
  • Vocation Posters due Friday!!!!

Week of February 5 - 9th


  • Religion  Parts of the Mass  HW: study Introductory Rites and Liturgy of the Word for test Wednesday!
  • Math  Multiplication Properties p. 423-6 HW: p. 427-8
  • Science pretest for new unit  HW: finish Big Idea-What did you learn? p. 2


  • Religion  Father visited  HW: study for test tomorrow
  • Math  Checking Progress (in class)  HW: none
  • Science  finish pretest, DARE class


  • Religion took a quiz today  HW: none
  • Math Dividing Decimals  HW: p. 447-8
  • Science  Characteristics of Life  Group work HW: none


  • Religion Liturgy of the Eucharist  HW: vocation poster due Feb. 23
  • Math  Dividing Decimals  HW: p. 459-460
  • Science 7 Characterists of Life HW: none


  • Religion Liturgy of the Eucharist HW: vocation poster due FEb. 23
  • Math Dividing By Powers of 10 HW: p. 465-6
  • Science Video Living Things  HW: none

Week of January 29-February 2nd Catholic Schools Week


  • Religion Parts of the Mass: Liturgy of the Word
  • Math Checking Progress p. 409-410 in class
  • Science reviewed Matter unit  HW: study for test with ALL vocab cards in notebook


  • Religion Liturgy of the Word  HW: practice memorizing the order of Introductory Rites
  • Math finish checking progress p. 409-410 in class HW: p. 414
  • Science reviewing for test, study skills, organizing sources to study  HW: test Thursday study cards, notes, book


  • Religion  Liturgy of the Word  HW: practice memorizing Introductory Rites
  • Math Problem Solving Patterns HW: p. 415-6
  • Science Matter review HW: study for test tomorrow 


  • Religion Liturgy of the Word  HW: study order/parts of Introductory Rites and Liturgy of the Word
  • Math Problem Solving Patterns  HW: p. 421-2
  • Science Matter test today


  • Religion Bowl  HW: study order and parts of Introductory Rites and Liturgy of the Word, test WED.
  • Math Multiplication Properties p. 423-426  HW: p. 427-8
  • Science Revisit the BIG IDEA--Show what you know:)  HW: none

Week of January 22-26th


  • Religion  Liturgy Notes  HW: an act of penance for the unborn
  • Math Estimating products of decimals p. 379-382  HW: p. 383-4
  • Science Mixtures and Solutions lesson 4  HW: finish Braincheck p. 623-626

Tuesday DARE

  • Religion HW: signed test due back
  • Math Multiplying Decimals -using models and steps p. 385-394  HW:p.395-6
  • Science Oobleck--is it a mixture or solution, solid or liquid? Explore!

Wednesday No School --attending Funeral Mass


  • Religion  The Mass video/notes
  • Math Models to multiply decimals p. 397-400   HW: 401-2
  • Science  HW: Vocabulary Chart:  mixture, solution, solvent, solute, dissolve, evaporation, crystal, volume


  • Math Multiplying decimals p. 403-6  HW: p. 407-8, 2 minute timing
  • Science  reviewed study guide  HW: complete study guide activities, matter test on Thursday

Week of January 15-19th

Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day No School

Tuesday Snow Day No School


Math Chapter 4 Review p. 291-293, test over division will be Friday!

Science Sum It Up p. 608 together in class HW: Begin a vocabulary chart in notebook for words--physical change, chemical change, precipitate


Math Practice for test HW: p. 289-290 #15-20 of Both pages, test tomorrow

Science  In-class  Braincheck Lesson 3 p. 609-612, if you don't finish it is homework

Religion Chapter 9 read p. 143-149  HW: p. 149


Chapter 4 Math test

Science  Mixtures and Solutions p. 614-619 HW: p. 623 only

Week of January 8-12th


Religion Chapter 8 We Profess Our Faith

HW: study for Christmas Season test

Math Checking Progress

HW: p. 269-270

Science  Conservation of Mass p. 604-5

HW: read p. 598-599, do activities


Religion  St. Patrick

HW: read p. 124-5, do activity

Math Adjusting Quotients p. 271-274

HW: p. 275-276

Science Physical and Chemical Change Sort

HW: none


Math  Dividing Greater Numbers  HW: p. 281-2

Religion   HW: p. 159-160

Science none


Math Problem Solving: Solving a simpler problem  Hw: p. 289-290 #1-5 on both sides, do all work on notebook paper

Religion  Study for chapter 8 test and Christmas Season Test



Religion took tests today!

Math HW: 2 minute timing, two digit divisor test (Chapter 4) will be Thursday, practice, practice, practice

Science  Brownie Claim with evidence due Monday!

2nd Semester Week of January 3-5

Welcome Back Students!


Relgion Christmas Season, test will be Friday Jan. 12

Math Estimating Quotients p. 251-254 HW:  p. 255-256, follow steps 

Science How Does Water Change? Investigation p. 595-6  HW: check up worksheet


Math test returned today, please get signed and return by Friday!!!


Thursday Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Relgion Christmas Season, test will be Friday Jan. 12   All School Mass

Science How Does Water Change? Investigation p. 595-6  HW: finish p. 595-6

Math Using Base 10 to divide  HW: none


Math dividing by a two digit divisor p. 263-266  HW: p. 267-8

Science  Vocab Cards in notebook  HW: none

Religion Christmas Test next Friday  HW: study--take notebook home




Week of December 18-20th


Math review for test tomorrow  HW: practice x and /

Religion Year in review  HW: none

Science Particle and Kinetic Theory  HW: none


All students were notified of any missing work today! Last turn in day is tomorrow!



Math Test


Wednesday Noon Dismissal  Spirit Dress


Week of December 11-15


Math Zeros in the Quotient HW: p. 219-220, Chapter 2/3 test on Tuesday, December 19th!

Religion Chapter 8 Articles of Faith  HW: study for Advent test on Thursday!


Science Kinetic Theory of Matter  HW: p. 591-2 volume 2 textbook

Math Interpreting Remainders p. 221-222  HW p. 223 #3-5

Religion Chapter 8 Articles of Faith  HW: study for Advent test on Thursday


Religion Advent test tomorrow  HW: STUDY

Math Interpreting Remainders HW: p. 231-2

Thursday  6:30 Music Program!!

Advent Test

Math HW: Division Review p. 239-241  Test Tuesday!


Math chapter review, base 10 blocks as division models  HW: 2 minute timing

Science Conservation of Matter Activities  HW: none

Week of December 4-7

First Week of Advent


Religion Liturgical Year

HW: study for Confirmation Test tomorrow--need notebooks!

Math Division of larger Dividends with Models p. 189-192

HW: p. 193-194


Religion Confirmation Test  HW: symbol search (classtime tomorrow if you need it will be allowed)

Math Distributive Property and Partial Quotients HW: 199-200


Math Dividing 3 and 4 digit dividends  HW:p. 205-6

Science Particle Theory HW: Lab Sheet #13

Religion   HW: Symbols of the Holy Spirit


Religion HW: study for advent test, Jesse tree ornament

Math Placing the first digit p. 209-212 HW: p. 213-214

Friday Holy Day of Obligation-Immaculate Conception

No School but Get to Mass!


Week of November 27- December 1


Math Chapter 3 Multiplication/Division Relationship p. 157-160 HW: p. 161-162

Religion  Elements of Confirmation

HW: Baptism Acrostic in notebook (go deep! use all resources)

Science NO Class


Math Division Models p. 163-6  HW: p. 167-168

Religion Role of the Holy Spirit , HW; Confirmation test will be Tuesday Dec. 5th, study your elements!!

Science Controlled Experiment and Big Idea Review  HW: Volume 2 read p. 580-583 for tomorrow's class


Math 2-digit division p. 169-172  Hw: p. 173-174

Religion  HW; Confirmation test will be Tuesday Dec. 5th, study your elements!!

Science What the Matter's ? Notes, groups revise Matter catagories  HW: read p. 586-7


Math Division Patterns p. 175-178  HW: p. 179-180

Religion  Gifts of the Holy Spirit  HW: p.113, study for test on Tuesday


Religion Symbols Search  HW: test on Tuesday Study!--Know the elements, role of the Holy Spirit and gifts of the Holy Spirit

Math Checking Progress p. 181-182, 2min timing

Science Particle Theory  HW: none

Week of November 13-17th


Religion Stewardship Lessons  HW: The Call of the Disciples color sheet

Math Multiplication by 2 digits p. 137-138 HW: p. 139-140 evens


Religion Stewardship Lessons  HW: finish card for Mr. Carter

Math Multiplication by 2 digits: other strategies  HW: p. 141-142, you must use the Box method (area model using distributive property)

Science Planning a controlled experiment Notes


Math Multiplication by 2 digits: other strategies  HW: p. 144: column 1-standard, column 2-Box method, column 3-Lattice method, column 4- your choice

Science Planning a controlled experiment Notes


Religion Disciples Know Jesus and Follow Jesus! HW: none

Math Chapter review HW: p. 145-147

Science Collecting and recording data  HW: none


Math Factor Tree Bingo

Science Writing A Conclusion, Mento Geyser Demonstration

Religion Copy Jesus, Make Disciples!

Baptism Retake test will be Wed. Nov.29th

Week of November 6-10


Math reviewing concepts in chapter 2  HW: p. 111-112

Religion  Baptism Role Plays  HW: Study for test on Friday, little bit each night!!

chapter 5 Religion test due back Wednesday signed!


Math Partial Products  p. 113-116  HW: p. 117-118

Religion Baptism HW: worksheet 6b, study for test!

Science Testable Questions  HW: Write a testable question for Pete's scenario


Math Distributive Property p. 119-122 HW: p. 123-4

Study for Baptism test on Friday!

Science Planning a Controlled Experiment  HW: reading p. 30-33 in science book


Study for Baptism test on Friday

Math Estimating Products p. 125-128 practice only HW: finish factor trees 1-30


Baptism Test

Math Multiplication by 1 digit p. 131-134  HW; p. 135-136 and 2 minute timing

Factor Tree bingo!!


Week of October 30-November3


Math Powers and Exponents HW: p. 97-98

Religion Chapter 6 Baptism and Confirmation

Tuesday All Hallow's Eve--Wear Red! Parties at 2:45!

Religion Baptism HW: Interview your parents about your Baptism--take notes in notebook p. 16, GO TO CHURCH tonight or tomorrow!!

Science Variable and Testable Questions  HW: correct or finish notebook assignments, here are youtube links for any videos you might need:  Who Was Albert Einstein 4:33, Marie Curie: A digital story 5:11 A Retrospective of Jane Goodall 5:55

Math Powers of 10 HW: p. 103-104

Wednesday All Saints' Day --Holy Day of Obligation NO SCHOOL


Religion Baptism Role Play HW: p. 105-106

Math Making a Table  HW: 109-110

Friday Teacher Inservice NO SCHOOL

Week of October 23-27


Religion Chapter 5 Baptism and Confirmation  HW: study for test tomorrow, Glorious Mysteries

Math Chapter 5 Review p. 367-369, students had time to work in class. If you did not complete the review the rest is homework.

Wednesday is the Chapter 5 test!!

Science- due tomorrow is p. 12 Science Mentors Claims and Evidence p. 12


Math use p. 367-9 to study for your test that is tomorrow!

Science Types of Variables  HW: vocab quiz on Friday--study all!

Religion took Glorious Mystery TEst

Wednesday Picture Retakes

Math Chapter 5 test

Science Types of Variables HW: study for Investigation and Vocab Quiz!!!

Thursday Career Day-dress in your future career outfit!

Math Chapter 2 Prime/Composite Numbers HW: p. 83-84

Religion Building the Body of Christ HW: p. 93-4, quiz tomorrow

Science Investigation and Vocab Quiz (16 words) tomorrow! Study!


Math Prime Factorization o. 81-84   HW: p. 85-86, 2 minute timing

Science Quiz

Religion Chapter 5 Quiz


2nd Quarter- Week of October 16-20


Math Adding Decimals p. 335-8 Homework: p. 339-340

Religion Safe Environment Week! Glorious Mysteries  Homework: study Safe vocabulary


Math Addition Properties p. 341-344  Homework: 342-3

Religion Glorious Mystery Summaries are due Thursday, work on them!

Science Types of Investigations  Homework: Does air have weight? p. 10   Make a claim and support it with evidence



Religion Glorious Mystery Summaries are due Thursday, work on them!

Math More with Addition Properties p. 344-346  Homework: p. 347-348

Science  Video Notes for: Jane Goodall, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein Homework: none


Math Models to subtract p. 355-358 Homework: 359-360

Religion Safe Environment Class


Math Subtracting Decimals p. 361-364 Homework: p. 365-6, 2min. timing

Chapter 5 Test will be Wednesday!

Religion Safe Environment Scenarios and Wrap up

Science Types of Investigations p. 12 Notes Homework: none

Week of October 9-13th

Monday No School Inservice

Tuesday Field Trip Fire Prevention Day

Religion Sorrowful Mystery Test tomorrow!!


Math Using Models for adding decimals p. 329-332 Homework: p 333-334 (5B) only

5A no math homework

Science Constructing Models Lab #5  Homework: Models sheet (5A) only

5B no science homework

Religion Sorrowful Mystery test has been moved to tomorrow!


Religion Sorrowful Mystery TEst

Miracle of the Sun Artwork

Math and Science- Classes will be finishing up lessons from Wednesday

5A Math Homework: p. 333-334

5B Science Homework: Models Lab Sheet 5

Friday Noon Dismissal


Week of October 2-4


Math Estimate or Exact? Problem Solving p. 315-317  Homework: p. 318

Religion Sacramental Presentations  Homework: finish Sorrowful Summaries

Science Big Book of Models  Homework: none

Tuesday Conferences 4:30-7:30, come and go

 Math Estimate or Exact? Practice  Homework; p. 321-322

Religion Sorrowful Mysteries Test Wednesday, October 11th

Science Developing and Using Models  Homework: none


Math Rocket Math practice only  Homework: 2 minute timing

Religion Test WEDNESDAY over Sorrowful Mysteries

Science Lesson 5 Scenario-predict what the models will look like after the balloon pops!  Homework: none

Thursday Conferences 7:30-12:50, 4:30-7:30, come and go

Friday No School

Monday No School Inservice

Tuesday Field Trip-bring sack lunch, spirit dress!

Week of September 25- 29th


Math reviewing chapter lessons and vocab Homework: p. 67-69 TEST WEDNESDAY!

Religion read p. 54-55 , Beatitudes p. 3 in notebook Homework: finish p. 56 in textbook


Math Chapter 1 Review of Skills in class today Homework: study for test, use a place value chart from the back of your book!

Religion Sorrowful Mystery Pretest Homework: none

Science Completed Lesson 4 Check up p. 8 in notebook  Homework: Vocab worksheet



Math Chapter 1 test

Religion Sorrowful Mystery Summaries Homework: none

Science Developing and using models Homework: Lesson 3 Vocab chart p. 6


Math Chapter 5!!! Rounding decimals p. 303-6  Homework: 307-308

Science  Notebooks turned in for grading

Religion  Chapter 4 Sacramentals  Homework: p. 59-60, bring/share something holy tomorrow


Math Estimating Sums and Differences p. 311-312  hW: none

Religion read p. 66-68  HW: p. 69

Science Big Book of Models partner read  HW: none

Week September 18-22nd


Math Map testing for 5A, Comparing Decimals Homework: 5B only p. 53-54

Religion Chapter 3 Beatitudes Homework: Luminous Mysteries Test tomorrow, study


Math Ordering Decimals p. 55-58 Homework: p. 59-60

Science Lesson 3 Vocabulary Chart  Homework: review vocab cards


Math Problem Solving: work backwards p. 61-63  Homework: p. 64

Science Scientific Observation and Measurement p. 7-8 field notes  Homework: work on p. 6 vocabulary chart (ok if not done)


Religion Living the Beatitudes p. 56 Homework: p. 57

Math More Problem Solving Strategies p. 2 in notebook Homework:  p. 65-66


Math Worked on chapter review in class, as Chapter 1 Test is WED. Homework: 2 min. timing

Science finished our observations and measurements, wrote a claim and supported it with scientific evidence, whew!  Homework: none

Religion those that had time read a story about Blessed Pier Frassati and his example living the beatitudes, p. 54-55 Homework: none

Week of September 11-15th


Math Understanding Place Value Story Problems  Homework: Worksheet 33

Relgion Chapter 2 Seven Sacaraments  Homework: finish Luminous Mystery Summaries (in notebook)

Science  No class, study vocab cards!!!!


Math Map testing No homework

Religion Mystery Test  Tuesday Sept 19!!! Study!

Science Scientific Observation & Measurement  Homework:  Lesson 2 Vocab Worksheet


Math Place Value to the 1000ths p. 43-46 Homework: p. 45-6 #6-23

Science Qualitative data vs. Quantitative data Homework: none

Religion  No class Homework: Study for Lumnious Myst. Test Tuesday!


Religion  Grace Homework: p. 47-48

Math Place Value to 1000ths  Homework: p. 47-48

Science Vocabulary Lesson 3 Cards


Religion Luminous Mystery Test Tuesday, take notebook home today!

Math Comparing Decimals  Homework: 2 minute timing for both classes, p. 53-54 for 5A only

Science Sharing Science Practices Homework: correct practices without a star.


Week of September 5-8

Monday Labor Day No School


Religion Luminous Mysteries Pretest  Homework: none

Math Understanding Place Value p. 37-40  Homework: p. 39-40 #5-12

Science  Eight Practices  Homework: Vocabulary Chart p. 3 in notebook, 9 words


Religion Luminous Mysteries   Homework: none

Math Understanding Place Value  Homework: p. 41-2

Science Eight Practices Homework: 8 Practices Worksheet


Religion Types of Stewards  Homework: Correct in red the Luminous Pretest

Math Understanding Place Value (not in book)  Homework: 5B worksheet 31-2, 5A Worksheet 27-8

Science no class


Math Homework: 2-minute timing

Religion Luminous Mystery Summaries  Homework: none

Science  Redo Vocabulary Sentences p. 3 in notebook, this is homework if not completed in class today

Week of August 28-September 1

The students have reviewed the class policies in regards to behavior, uniforms, and being prepared for class. This week we will begin holding them accountable for following those policies and procedures. Conduct grade is lowered if a students needs more than one reminder in these areas. In the class room before the 7:50 bell. Uniforms-boys need belts EVERYDAY.  Socks can be white, black or navy (other coloring is not allowed). Students need to be prepared for class--supplies, completed homework, books, signed agenda, etc.

Thanks for your support!


Religion read and highlighted Chapter 1  Homework: Review p. 35-36, Joyful Mysteries test Friday, Sept. 1 Study each night

Math Decimals as Fractions p. 23-26  Homework: p. 25-26 #4-18



Math Decimals as Fractions p. 23-26  Homework: p. 27-8

Joyful Mysteries test Friday, Sept. 1 Study each night

Science Practices Pre test




Math Representing Decimals p. 29-32 Homework: p.33-34

Religion Joyful Mystery test Friday, study!!!

Science Practices and Vocabulary p. 3 Homework: none



Math Checking Progress p. 35-36 (in class) No homework

Religion Stewardship p. 2 in notebook, study for Mystery test

Science Practices and Vocabulary p. 3 Write the word, draw a picture, Use vocab word in a sentence.

Friday Noon Dismissal  No School Monday:)

Religion Joyful Mystery Test (includes days said, order of mysteries, brief summary)

Math Homework: 2 minute timing finsh and correct

Science Vocabulary Work p. 3  Homework: none

Week of August 21-25


Math Rocket Math and Sprints  Homework: none

Religion The Bible p. 18-20  Homework: none

Joyful Mystery review

Science  Solar Eclipse!!!  Homework: none

Handwriting p. 10-23 top half only, due FRiday!! 


We are studying the Joyful Mysteries by looking them up in the Bible and writing summaries. Students should work on this as they come in the morning. Summaries are due Friday, so we can begin preparing for a test over all Joyful Mysteries on Friday, Sept. 1.

Math- Place Value to the Millions (word form and expanded form)

Homework: p. 15-16

Science- Cup Challenge p.1  Homework: Finish cup challenge by telling what made your team (un)/successful. Make a labeled diagram of before and after the activity.


Math More practice with place value to the millions  Homework: p. 11-14

Religion Writing a summary of Joyful Mysteries  Homework: p. 20 in textbook

Science - see Tuesday's assignment


Math Comparing  and Ordering Large Numbers p. 17-20  Homework: p 21-22

Religion  Scripture p. 1 Venn Diagram-What did you learn about the Bible?

Science no class

Handwriting due tomorrow! See above...


Math Place Value Practice Homework: 2 minute timing correct/finish

Religion Homework: finish Joyful Mysteries' Summaries Joyful Mystery Test Sept. 1!!!!

Science ABCD rule  Homework: finish labeled diagram



Week of August 16-18


Religion- Correct Joyful Mysteries Pretest in red. Homework: none

Math-Rocket Math Routines  Homework: finish and correct 2 minute timing

Science- Cup Challenge p. 1  Homework: finish describing in 4 or 5 sentences what we did.

Don't forget Solar Eclipse on Monday! Bring eye protection!!

Welcome 5th Graders!

Parents and Students,

It has been an a pleasure to get to know all of you the last three days!! We will have a GREAT year!

A few things to know: this website will be updated with assignments daily,usually no later than 4:30 p. m. If your child is absent please access this site to find out what they missed and get the assignments copied in their agenda as they are listed here. Each teacher's site will need to be accessed separately. This puts them ahead of the game upon their return to school!!

Thanks for sharing your child with me this year:)

Mrs. Irwin