St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

For the Week of January 16, 2018

In religion this week we will be continuing with the earliest days of the Church studying Church history.  We will use the Bible and consult Acts of the Apostles as well as use the textbook and many of the exercises found in Chapter 11.  I respectfully remind parents that we will begin watching the movie "Hotel Rwanda" on Monday, January 22, or the days following, so please take a few moments to sign and return the permission slips that I have sent home with each student regarding this movie.  

In history, we will conclude watching the movie "1776" probably on Wednesday and then we will resume our study of the American Revolution, relying upon information gained from the movie to guide our understanding of how the war progressed and panned out.  We will continue to use our textbooks on Chapter 8 as reading reference material along with the workbook.

Mr. Kenton

Mr. Winston Kenton
8th Religion/ Social Studies