St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Math 7th and 8th


Mon. 4/23 Graphing Equations with Slope-Intercept, p.368(13-24) in Algebra Book

Tues. 4/24 Finish Monday's lesson due to play

Wed. 4/25 Descriptive Statistics p.705(all) p.706(5,8)

Thurs. 4/26 Measures of Variation, p.713(all) p.714(8) p.715(12)

Fri. 4/27



Mon. 4/23 Independent and Dependent Events, p.777-778 Got Its (a-c), p.778(1-4) and p.779)1-4)

Tues. 4/24 Independent and Dependent Events, p.779(all) p.781(all)

Wed. 4/25 Ch. 9 Review Worksheet, test Thur/Fri.

Thurs. 4/26 Grade and review for test over "Probability" , begin test and finish Friday

Fri.  4/27 Finish Ch. 9 Test over "Probability"