St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS

Math 7th and 8th


Mon. 11/13 Ch. 3 Test "Equations in Two Variables"

Tues.11/14 Finish Ch. 3 Test

Wed. 11/15 ACT Aspire test review

Thurs. 11/16 ACT Aspire test review 

Fri. 11/17 ACT Aspire test review


Ch. 4 Test this Thursday and Friday

Mon. 11/13 Multiplying Fractions p.315(all) p.316(14,16) p.317(evens)

Tues. 11/14 Dividing Fractions p.331(1-8) p.332(12) p.333 (16-21)

Wed. 11/15 Ch. 4 Review Worksheet "Operations with Rational Numbers"

Thurs. 11/16 Review and begin Ch. 4 Test

Fri.  11/17 Finish Ch. 4 Test "Operations with Rational Numbers"