St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Wichita, KS


Homework Assignments - All Grades

All homework assignments are accessed through EEi. 

First assignment:  Activate EEi.  Link under "Band Links."

(Specific grade assignments are listed under each band's page.)

EEi Helpful Hints

Activating vs Logging In:

The initial activating of the student account requires the School ID, Student ID (first initial, last name, no spaces, lower case), and the Activation Code from their book.  At the end of the activation process, the student is asked to choose/set their own user id and password to make it easier to remember.  They are to write the new User ID and PW in the front of their book in case they forget it.  They will use the new ID and PW to log in from this point forward, and will no longer use the school, student, and book code that they used to "activate." 

Resetting the PW:
When I reset the student's password, a temporary password is sent to me, which I will forward to the student.  They will use the temporary password to gain access to their account and then they will be requested to set a new password of their choosing.  Please write the new password in the front of the EE method book. 
It is usually a pretty simple process, but if you have any problems, please contact me lhephner@seaswichita or the EEi helpdesk and we will get it figured out.


Essential Elements Interactive (Website)

1.  Go to EEi link in student section under "Band Links."

2.  Enroll using school code & student ID from information sheet handed out in band.

3. Activate your account using activation code (new books inside cover) or ISBN# (back cover of older books).  

4.  Set up your own personal user ID and password for future logging in.  Write ID and PW on the inside cover of the EE method book.

5.  Set up Music Studio for recording.  Follow the directions.  If questions, please let me know.

If you lose your login information, let Ms. Hephner know and she will reset your acct.  You will receive a temporary login and then have to set up a new login.


EEi Features:

*Access class assignments.

*Keep a record of minutes practiced in the online practice log.

*Play along with songs from the EE book, using different styles of accompaniment, recorded with live instruments. (Play with the band at home.)

*Record yourself practicing or performing playing tests, in the recording studio and send the recording to teacher for feedback and assessment.

*View, listen, and print video, audio, and pdf resources.

*Band Calendar

  7/8th Band

Middle School Band Night at BCCHS

Friday, Oct. 20

Rehearsal starts at 4pm in BCCHS Band Room

for Pre-Game Performance

Bring:  Instrument, Lyre and music,

jeans and spirit shirt (green if possible)







Check individual band pages for grade specific announcements.